Review of Honda CR-V 2008 model in Nigeria: A well-styled car with smooth driving

Oct 31, 2020

Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Introduction – Refined and smooth driving

The 2008 Honda CR-V is one of the safest cars from its lineup at the time when it rolled out of the production line. For those who love Honda products, this compact crossover utility model has consistently been relevant especially in residual value.

By implication, this means you can always get someone to buy it off you at good price when you intend to sell later in the foreseeable future.

It is also a model that is quite frugal on fuel, making it a good car to buy. Quite understandably, it also has its peculiar challenges, which is common with every car out there. Here is the comprehensive review of the Honda CR-V 2008 model in Nigeria on

Honda CR-V 2008 Nigerian background

The demand for Honda products in Nigeria has been high for many years now. Such would be traced to the credibility the brand has built over the years though its quality and durable vehicles.

The 2008 Honda CR-V like many other SUVs from the brand offers a good ground clearance, making it quite easy to drive over bad roads in the country.  Being a utility car, the CR-V 2008 model makes itself suitable for many Nigerians.

The 2008 Honda is also a structurally strong model capable of surviving harsh crashes, common on Nigerian roads.

Like other Japanese models, it is easy to find mechanic who will understand how to fix the problems without wrecking more havoc on the car. The Honda CR-V presents its challenges too on Nigerian roads but some of these issues could be prevented if you do regular checkups.

What's most important is that Nigerians love spacious vehicles and this Honda CR-V offers exactly just that.

Honda CR-V 2008 exterior and interior design

The Honda CR-V for the 2008 production year falls within the class of compact crossover utility vehicle, with a well-styled outside look. This properly blends with the the creases and arcs.

As a keen observer, you might notice some oddness from certain angles but we believe this design tweak was deliberate effort from the designers to achieve a specific goal.


The 2008 Honda CR-V is a redesigned version of the 2007 model in terms of look and practicality 

On the inside, it comes with an ambience that makes every penny spent worth it. It is quite attractive especially from the angle of its upright dash. Although there is presence of hard plastics on the inside, but they appear to be of good quality.

The cabin has been well insulated from outside noise, which has been a common problem with many CR-Vs.


The interior is quite attractive with easy-to-use driving features

The cabin feature pleasing contrasting materials that illuminate the interior quite well. Unlike many models where the shifter would be found between the seats at the front or steering column, its own shifter is placed the base of the dash.

The CR-V features 2 rows of seating arrangement, which should be enough to accommodate four grownups. The spacious interior gives enough ample space for leg room and headroom.


The 2008 CR-V is one of the safest cars of its type and size

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More cargo space can be derived when the backseats are collapsed totally to ensure more flat loading floor. Just like we have on the 2020 model, the hatch on the 2008 CR-V opens in an upward fashion and not to the side.

The CR-V offers a cargo space of 35.7 cubic feet when the back seats are still intact. When the seats are folded, owners will be able to enjoy as much as 72.9 cubic feet of cargo area. The liftgate and wide-opening rear door makes it easy to get infants and their strollers into the car. The whole idea behind the design of the cabin is to ensure practicality and comfort.


The 2008 CR-V comes with large cargo space and flat loading floor from its foldable backseats

Safety features

For those who would want their next car to be the 2008 Honda CR-V, you will be offered some standard safety features such as electronic stability control, side curtain airbags, anti-lock braking system and front side airbags.

The car brand has a pedigree for taking safety as top priority during production process. This means, this model had undergone some safety tests, which it aced with 5 stars rating on its side and frontal impact. In 2008, it emerged as one of the frontrunners of the Top Safety picks.

Video: 2008 Honda CR-V EX Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

Honda CR-V 2008 engine and trim levels - Right model for Nigerian roads?

The 2008 Honda CR-V came fitted with a 4-cylinder 2.4-litre engine, producing a generative output of 166 horsepower. The powertrain is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. Although there is a bit of reluctance during downshifting for steep grades, the engine still runs smoothly and surprisingly fast.

There is a possibility you get V6 options on the powertrains on similar models out there but the Honda CR-V is good enough to give you that fulfilling road experience. Its powertrain offers an accelerative capability from zero to 60 mph in 9.2 seconds.


The powertrain promises decent road performance and good fuel economy

The 2008 Honda CR-V offers a decent fuel economy. For highway driving, it takes an estimated 27 mpg. The Japanese carmaker has also made available an all-wheel drivetrain which has been improved to work very well with the stability control system. This makes it easy to transfer power to the wheels where it is mostly required. The engine is also quiet, promising very stable and comfortable handling on the road.

For the trims, there are three available trim levels – LX, EX and the top ranging EX-L. While many impressive features are standard across the three trims, the top of the line model enjoys some exclusive features such as leather seating, power driver’s seat, premium audio system, backup camera, navigation system and dual-zone climate control.

The standard features on all trims include keyless entry, tilt telescope steering wheel, cruise control, power windows/mirrors/locks, multi-purpose CD player/radio and auxiliary jack.

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Honda CR-V 2008 replacement parts prices in Nigeria

At a point, no matter how you maintain your Honda product, you would need to replace some parts in the car.

Since it is Honda, there are several auto markets where you will find original spare parts in Nigeria. Ladipo market in Lagos is a popular market for such purpose. There are several other automotive markets like Owode-Onirin, Idumota, Trade fair, kantakowa International market and so on.

Cost of 2010 Honda CR-V car parts in Nigeria
Car parts Price(N)
Bumper ₦15,000 -₦25,000
Alternator ₦20,000 -₦40,000
Headlamps ₦5000 -₦100,000
Gear box ₦70,000 -₦150,000
Windscreen ₦10,000 - ₦15,000
Fuel pumps ₦7,500 -₦15,000
Radiators ₦20,000- ₦40,000
Clutch ₦5,000 - ₦10,000
Steering racks ₦25,000 - ₦40,000
Complete Engine ₦150,000- ₦300,000
Brain Box ₦15,000 - ₦25,000
Shock absorbers or Suspension ₦15,000- ₦30,000

How do you maintain this 2008 Honda CR-V in Nigeria?

For an SUV like the 2008 Honda CR-V in Nigeria, it requires a well laid-out plan to use it in the right way without giving you nightmare on the road. Luckily, some of these maintenance tasks are quite easy for you as the owner to do by yourself. Proper maintenance will protect you from expensive repairs and also put your car in a good condition.

After driving your CR-V for 3,750 miles, you need to do the regular change of engine oil and filter. You also need to inspect the pressure on the tires, wipers and the headlights. If necessary, refill the wiper fluid, brake fluids and other fluids that have dropped below the recommended level.

After the 7,500-mile mark, you should repeat the steps mentioned above and ensure to carry out a total road test. Make sure you rotate the tires well and see if they are well balanced. At this point, you might want to take it to your trusted auto mechanic to check out the driveshaft boots, exhaust system, brakes and hoses.

As you keep using the car, you are required to repeat some of these processes to keep you safe on the road. Some of the basic tasks will only take a few minutes of your time regularly or weekly. Check the manual in your car for more information on the maintenance schedule.

Honda CR-V 2008 model local dealers in Nigeria

There are several ways you can purchase the Honda CR-V 2008 model in Nigeria. You can check our car listing section for potential sellers at good prices. The Honda Automobile West African Limited, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, is the sole distributor of brand new Honda vehicles and original replacement parts in Nigeria. The company has showrooms and offices in many places within the country. However, you should take a look at their names and addresses below.

The Honda Place (THP) local offices in Nigeria
Location Address and contact info

Victoria Island – Lagos

272, Akin Adesola / Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Ikeja - Lagos

Plot No.16, Oba-Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Mile 2 - Lagos

Plot No.9, Block A, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)


Plot No.581, AO Central Business District, Abuja

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Port Harcourt

Plot No.117, Transamadi Industrial Estate, Port Harcourt.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Enugu City

Plot No.6, Opposite Arab Contractor, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Enugu.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)


Plot No.152, Opp: Capital Building PHCN Zonal HQ, Adeoyo Roundabout Bus Stop, Ring Road, Ibadan.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Kano City

Plot No.10, Club Road, Kano.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Price of 2008 Honda CR-V in Nigeria

The Honda CR-V goes for quite an affordable price anywhere in the country. We do not expect people to request for a brand-new model considering its production year. However, you can lay your hands on very neat foreign-used and Nigerian-used versions. The variation in prices depends on the condition of the car.

Price of Tokunbo Honda CR-V 2008 model in Nigeria
 Model Price Range
 Foreign used 2008 Honda CR-V in Nigeria  ₦2.5 million - ₦4 million
Price of Nigerian-used Honda CR-V 2008 model in Nigeria
 Model Price Range
 Locally used 2008 Honda CR-V in Nigeria  ₦1.7 million - ₦2.7 million

Honda CR-V 2008 Alternatives in Nigeria

The Toyota RAV4 has always been the major competition not only to the 2008 model but other production years as well. Unlike other models where the Toyota RAV4 models edge, this redesigned CR-V matches the RAV4 closely except the exterior look.

In other areas, the CR-V has been reported to be slightly better. Other competitors include the Jeep Compass, Ford Escape and Subaru Forester.

If you are not going for Honda CR-V, you might as well go for the Toyota RAV4 for sale or other similar models depending on what you are looking for.

Conclusion and recommendation

The 2008 Honda CR-V is an ideal car for low and middle-income earners who need a decent and utility car that would serve their day-to-day activities. It runs well on minimal fuel consumption and suits the terrain in Nigeria properly.

Despite these good points, you should also be aware of some of the SUV's problems. It is also important you understand that while some of these issues are general with every model out there, some are peculiar to the brand. These include:

  • Road noise
  • Rapid tires wears
  • Limited rear visibility
  • Absence of central console for storage
  • Firm ride

 In case you are in the market for different Honda CR-V products, you can check out our comprehensive list of the Honda CR-V price in Nigeria as well as full reviews on several models from this Japanese brand. Remember to always collect all required documents leaving the dealership.

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