Honda Accord 2018 model: prices in Nigeria, interior, specs & pictures

Feb 07, 2020

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1. The truth about Honda Accord 2018 model


Hey my Naija car lovers, here is the most gospel truth about the Honda Accord 2018 model you can find around!

Why this is the truth? Well, my lucky self was given a fully redesigned Honda Accord 2018 EXL trim (tokunbo) to drive for a day in Lagos, Nigeria. I drove it for over 6 hours and it was not easy focusing on the real reason I was driving the car because people kept staring at me in shock. I don't know if it's because I look too broke to own this over N12m mid-sized sedan or because they don't understand why I didn't tint the glass to avoid the attention :)

Anyway, I was able to notice and understand the pros and cons of this car and I feel bound to share them with you. Let's join me!


2. Honda Accord 2018 prices in Nigeria

First, here are the fair market prices for Honda Accord 2018, within this range you can get a used car in good condition:

  • Foreign used (tokunbo) Honda Accord 2018 prices in Nigeria: ₦7,000,000 - ₦13,500,000
  • Nigerian used Honda Accord 2018 prices in Nigeria: ₦7,000,000 - ₦11,000,000

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3. Honda Accord 2018 model exterior: is it Accord or Civic?

The 9th gen Honda Accord ended 3 years ago and because the Accord is Honda's flagship sedan for car markets even in Nigeria, they had to put something out almost immediately. In fact, they really did a good job with the design but I think they killed two birds with one stone on the front end because the Honda Accord 2018 looks almost exactly like the 10th generation Honda Civic that started production from 2015. Honda had 3 years to clearly distinguish the Accord front from the Civic's but they didn't mind the resemblance.


The front of the Accord 2018 looks quite akin to the 10th generation Civic

I love the chrome grilles as it distinguishes the Honda Accord 2018 from any other sedan. All trims of this car come with standard LED headlights that automatically dims itself at night when another car is approaching. It also comes with a very smart technology to avoid blinding oncoming drivers with the super bright LED headlights at night. The led fog lights are embedded within a nice black plastic trim at the base of the front bumper.


The Accord 2018 looks both bold and sleek with the curves on the exterior

I can't believe a lot of people are still scared of Honda's suspension in 2020 smh. That has been taken care of since 2014 so there is no need to be scared of your Honda overturning on the road. After all, it's Nigerian roads and a bad maintenance culture that cause that issue.

>>> You will need these:

Honda has stopped the production of the 2-door coupe version since 2017 so there is no sports coupe version to this 10th generation Honda. I don't like that because I always look forward to the coupe version but yeah, I am really hoping they want to introduce a new model of stand-alone 2 door sports car.


I like the tail lights of the Accord

I noticed that the 2018 Honda Accord's rear end has a fastback effect that makes it look like the Audi A7 with the sloping rear. I was quite surprised to find out that some people don't like the taillights because, in my own opinion, it just fits perfectly. And for this, I give it a bonus point regarding the design.


The Honda Accord 2018 has an Audi A7 vibe from the rear

4. Honda Accord 2018 interior

4.1 Interior

The interior of this car is very large, making it very comfortable for a family of 5 or less. The seats are very comfortable and trust me, I tried every seating position possible and it felt really good all the way. The rear seats are almost the same sizes with the front seats and also have a lot of legroom, because I am 6 feet tall, so if it wasn't comfortable for me then it's not "a lot" of legroom. The space in the trunk (boot) can contain over 4 people at the same time... Very large!

The Honda Accord 2018 interior is very simple and stylish at the same time.


On the 2018 model, you can already enjoy almost the latest techs from the Japanese brand


The legroom of the rear seats is comfortable for even a 6 feet tall guy like me!

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4.2 Features

This car can start up automatically with the remote from up to 400 feet away from the car and you can also switch it off. The remote also controls the opening of the trunk automatically but I don't like the fact that the trunk does not open fully by itself, you still have to use your hand to swing it open.


The remote control works within 400 feet distance

Here are the safety features that I find interesting the most on the Honda Accord 2018:

  • The most recent technology is Honda Sensing: it is a group of artificial intelligence functions that assists the driver by alerting you and taking actions on its own automatically.
  • Road Departure Mitigation: it adjusts steering and braking if you mistakenly cross lanes
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System: it applies more brake pressure when an unavoidable collision is determined.
  • Collision Warning: warns you when you are about to collide with an obstacle from any side.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System: adjusts steering to help you stay at the center of a detected lane.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: notifies drivers of road signs as you drive like speed limits.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: maintains a constant distance from cars in front of the car while cruising.

The only one I could not test was the Traffic Sign Recognition because I didn't understand how it worked.

>>> Here are: 


I had a good time behind the wheel

The Accord uses a 7/8 inches infotainment system that got me. It is a fully touch screen and the way it sticks up means there are no buttons at all. I love cars with fewer buttons for infotainment because it just makes everything looks subtle.


The infotainment system is a 7/8 inches full touch screen

It has an economy mode that makes the car consume less fuel than normal by reducing the performance of the car.

I almost forgot to mention that the car talks a lot, it has voice assists and warnings. One time I wanted to release the parking brake button, it told me to depress the brake pedal before it would be possible to release the parking brake.


The Accord can tell me to depress the brake pedal before it can release the parking brake

The reverse camera gives you 3 different views to pick from just to make sure you get a real-time view of what is going on at the blind spots on the rear.


You can view the blind spots from 3 different points with Accord's reverse camera

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5. Honda Accord 2018 model specs & performance

5.1 Specs

There are only two engine sizes for a total of 5 trims which are the base trim, LX, SPORTS, EX, EX-L and TOURING as the top trim.

There is a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine producing 192hp while the other is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine cranking out 252hp. And guess what? I was driving the EX-L with the bigger of the two. If you are into the trending electric things, there is also a hybrid engine with additional 2 electric motors to the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.


Honda Accord 2018 model provides 2 engine options

The US market no longer demands V6 non-luxury car sedans so this is why Honda acted smart in making the best out of a 4 cylinder engine, so expect more manufacturers to follow this new trend.

But I don't like the fact that the engine of the Accord has no protection when you open the bonnet, everything is just in your face! The wires, pipes and other components that could have been hidden under a cover.

The Accord comes with a 10 speed automatic/CVT/6-speed manual, surprisingly. I am sure you would never find that manual in Nigeria because this is 2020! No time for unnecessary stress.


The automatic transmission offers 10 speeds, and there is the manual option if you prefer!

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5.2 Honda Accord 2018 model handling & performance

I told you I drove this car and it has very decent handling for a regular sedan and I could feel the turbocharger kicking in gear 4 at about 4000rpms. The EX-L is a 10-speed automatic transmission but it doesn't have manual shift paddles like what's in the Sports trim. If you opt for the top trim Touring, it has Heads up Display feature while others don't.

So what Honda did with the trims is that there are different packages spread across the trims so you have to be sure of the trim you want before purchasing one.


If you want the manual shift, choose the Sport trim

The drive of this car was silent and smooth. You would barely hear the turbocharger roaring. The car has a decent takeoff for a 252hp engine and the damping effect of the suspension as I entered bad spots on the road was awesome. I could barely feel normal bumps as the automatic gear was just smoothly shifting.


The gears shift very smoothly and the turbocharger roar could hardly be heard

6. Conclusion

Overall, Honda Accord 2018 model is a great car for Honda lovers because I know it would be very difficult for Honda to steal Toyota fans as the Toyota Camry 2018 didn't slack in its design. Here is a brief design comparison between the two arch rivals I have made:

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