Honda Accord 2004 model: Price in Nigeria, Model Pictures, Interior & More (Update in 2021)

Feb 03, 2021

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The Honda Accord is arguably the best midsize car in Nigeria. Certainly, it's one of the best-selling vehicles and has been on Nigerian roads for a long time. In 2004, Honda redesigned and re-engineered the seventh-gen Accord, and the results are dazzling. 

For this reason, are so excited to bring you an in-depth review of the respectable nameplate: Honda Accord 2004 model. We believe that our article will provide useful information for not only those who consider buying an Accord but also car lovers in general.

1. Honda Accord 2004 model: A history

The birth of the sixth generation of the Accord has lifted up Honda’s position in the game of the auto market. Back in 2002, the Honda had stirred up the auto market with the launch of a well-engineered sedan - the Honda Accord. Immediately, a number of car lovers were attracted by its stylish interior and best-in-class design.

Angular front of a Honda Accord 2005

The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling sedans of all time

Even though, the car marque still wants to pamper this car by continuing giving it a number of changes and updates. The sixth generation got an enormous change with an extremely solid cabin and a sleek design. Suddenly, the feeling of sunk, the two-dimensional sense of the previous Accord model was pushed into history. And the Honda Accord 2004 was made to be a heavyweight rival for all cars in its segment. The car brand also claimed that this car was built to compete with some other contenders including the Saab 9-3 Sport Saloon or the Volvo S60. However, this impression was mainly due to a rather limited option of engines, which initially included just 2.0 L and 2.4 L petrol engines. Just one body type was available - a handsome sedan and the Accord Tourer come after with a new appearance in the car’s body style. The great revelation came with the launch of the 2.2 CTD-i diesel engine which suddenly widened the enormous appeal of the Accord.

In summer of 2007, Honda announced to bring an all-new model dubbed the racy Sport GT which replaced the current Accord one year later.

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2. Honda Accord 2004 model lineup

Noticeably, the Honda Accord 2004 for sale in Nigeria comes available with almost two dozen different combinations. But choosing one to drive is easier than it sounds. The first thing you need to choose is the type of the Accord that you want: a four-door sedan or a two-door coupe. The second thing you need to consider is the Accord engine and transmission: a 4-cylinder or a V6 engine, an automatic or a manual transmission. And the final choice is kinds of your favorite upholstery: leather or cloth.

The saloon includes 3 variants: the EX, the LX and the DX.

The EX and LX come equipped with a higher level of standard features. Both are armed with more luxurious equipment and a standard V6 engine combined with an automatic transmission. The EX offers an option with a DVD navigation system and leather upholstery.

Meanwhile, the DX is powered by a 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine that was introduced in 2003. The engine offers an option of a 5-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual transmission.

The coupe body style offers just only two variants including the LX and the EX. Both come standard with the 5-speed manual transmission, the 4-cylinder engine and available with an optional automatic transmission.

Video: 2004 Honda Accord EX-L Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview

In particular, the LX V6 coupe is powered by a V6 automatic engine while the EX V6 coupe is a performance-oriented version, and comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed manual gearbox as an inexpensive option. The 6-speed coupe is equipped with a cross-brace between the front shock towers. With a new Factory Performance Package, the EX Coupe V6 is installed a lowered suspension combined with a chrome exhaust extension and an aero body kit.

The automatic model offers the same package as the six-speed manual’s which includes 17-inches tires and wheels.

Speaking of safety features, all Honda Accord 2004 models comes standard with anti-lock brakes. The EX V6 has traction control while side-impact airbags are standard on the EX and the LX V6 and optional on the 4-cylinder LX.

The 2004 models with leather also come equipped with XM Satellite Radio. Moreover, dealers can add a hands-free cell phone, a DVD rear-seat entertainment system and an MP3/Windows Media Player.

3. Honda Accord 2004 model: exterior

The Honda Accord sedan and coupe get no sheet metal but their appearance look alike. This may be partly because they share the same angular headlamps. Completely redesigned for 2003, the sharpened noses of the Honda Accord coupe and sedan are reminiscent of an Acura RSX. Both body styles have carefully-sculpted sides and corners with a combination of convex surfaces and concave, to create an agile and muscular appearance with unique and sophisticated three-dimensional window glass, also aimed at reducing wind noise. They are also furnished with aerodynamically efficient side-view mirrors.

Honda Accord 2004 front view

Completely redesigned for 2003, the sharpened noses of the Honda Accord coupe and sedan are reminiscent of an Acura RSX

The drag coefficient of the sedan (a measure of how easily the car moves through the air) is 0.30, considerably better than its predecessor of 0.33. Compared to the previous model, the Honda Accord 2004 gets a taller and wider body with a longer wheelbase and a roomier cabin. However, it looks lower partly thanks to its glossier raked-back windshield.

The Honda Accord 2004 angular front

The Honda Accord 2004 gets a taller and wider body with a longer wheelbase and a roomier cabin

The coupe comes as an absolutely different candidate. Its sides and back are even more balanced, flowing naturally and gracefully derived from the roofline. It offers a very low 0.29 aerodynamic drag coefficient (compared to 0.32 for the coupe before 2003).

Speaking of the Accord’s doors, they are made with a unique and new method making them very light yet strong. Its thud as closing shows how qualified it is and its trunk is also light, requiring not much power to open.

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4. Honda Accord 2004 interior

The Honda Accord 2004 interior is quiet, firm and smooth. For starters, the car comes equipped with great and comfortable seats. 

The seats in the car are generously tall and wide, with urethane padding and springs installed to reduce vibration. The seat of the driver has a one-with-the-car feel with great side support. It includes power adjustments or a manual height adjustment on high-end models. The car can completely provide generous headroom for drivers even those who have a great height. The legroom is also comfortable for both the driver and passengers. And all versions even the base DX comes with a standard tilt-and-telescope steering wheel.

Honda Accord 2004 seats

The seats in the car are generously tall and wide, with urethane padding and springs installed to reduce vibration

The coupes’ seats seem to be a bit different and feel even greater than the sedans’. The seats in the coupe are set lower. The side bolsters look more aggressive bringing a more secure fit on the side. The coupes get a classier cloth with a black tone. The light colored fabric looks as if it would be dirty over time. So personally we think that leather is more beautiful than the cloth.

The seat of the sedan is spacious and comfortable, especially for two people with middle armrests turned out. The rear seat provides decent support, although it is quite flat. The rear seat is slightly better than the Nissan Altima, but the Toyota Camry is a bit higher.

Compared to other mid-size sedans, the Accord is smaller, but the flat body makes it easy to load people and their kinds of stuff. The Accord’s trunk measures 14 cubic feet while the Camry is 17-cubic-inch and the Altima is 15.6. The trunk of the coupe is a bit smaller, keeping under 13 cubic feet.

The Accord’s trunk

The Accord’s trunk measures 14 cubic feet while the Camry is 17-cubic-inch and the Altima is 15.6

The Honda Accord 2004 interior space is arranged effectively, with an optional navigation system, climate control and the audio are integrated into every unit.

This frees up space for additional cargo space, including a big center console, door pockets deep and wide enough for a purse, a bin under the audio system that will hold 12 CDs and a good-sized glove box. 

5. Honda Accord 2004 model: performance

Whether you choose an automatic 4-cylinder Accord sedan or a sports coupe with the V6 engine, you'll get an outstanding car. The 4-cylinder Accord sedan is said to be the best car in its price range. It creates the perfect balance between riding and handling. The Accord’s driving experience is evaluated to be more comfortable and secured than the Nissan Altima. However, the Accord handling capacity is controlled. The Honda Accord 2004 feels more comfortable and handles better than the Toyota Camry with a slippery and rippling suspension system on the road. When pushed strongly, its balance and driving performance is good. It feels confident at high speeds on winding roads, smooth and extremely stable!

Honda Accord 2005 on the road

Speaking of the Honda Accord 2005’s driving characteristics, capable but not sporty are all we want to say

6. Honda Accord 2004 price in Nigeria

Please consult the table below for the latest tokunbo Honda Accord 2004 price in Nigeria. We also include the prices of the Honda Accord of other model years for your further information.

  Honda Accord 2004 price in Nigeria
Model Price 
1996  N450K – N600K 
1997 – 2002 (Honda Hennessey)  N800K – N1 million 
2003 – 2005 (Honda End of Discussion/EOD)  N1.1 million –N1.5 million 
2006 – 2007 (Honda Discussion Continues)  N1.25 million – N1.7 million 
2008 – 2012 (Honda Evil Spirit/Anaconda) N1.9 million – N2.3 million 

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7. Honda Accord 2004 model pictures

For a clearer look of the Accord, see more Honda Accord 2004 model pictures from all angles below.

Angular front of a Honda Accord 2005

Honda Accord 2004 angular front

Honda Accord 2004 angular rear

Honda Accord 2004 rear view

Honda Accord 2004 wheel

Honda Accord 2004 engine

We have gone through all the information that most sought-after of the Honda Accord 2004 model by Nigerian buyers. Hope that this review is helpful for you in your purchase decision.

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