Honda Accord End of Discussion (2003-05) vs Honda Accord Discussion Continues (2006-07)

Jan 02, 2020

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1. Overview

Honda cars have always been a toast of many in Nigeria as many consider it a good alternative to the ever present Toyota. The Japanese car manufacturer also ensures they dole out some of the best sedans to match up with competition from heavy rivals.

One of the best selling Honda cars is the Honda Accord, which has gotten a lot of car nicknames in Nigeria. In this article we will be reviewing and comparing the Honda Accord 2003 - 2005 vs Honda Accord 2006 - 2007. Better yet, it's the Honda End of Discussion vs Honda Discussion Continues comparison.


The front view of Honda Accord End of Discussion


The front view of the Honda Accord Discussion Continues

Both cars are 7th generation Honda Accord sedans and offer some great fuel economy and engine performance. They come with a 4-cylinder and V6 engine options alongside other grand features. Without wasting much time, let's delve right into the review and comparison.

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2. Trim and prices of Honda Accord 2003 - 2007

The Honda Accord End of Discussion and Honda Accord Discussion Continues come in 3 trim levels:

  • Honda Accord DX
  • Honda Accord LX
  • Honda Accord EX.

The EX is supposedly the best of all the trim levels and comes with an engine that puts out more horsepower and torque than the others. There are also more features contained in the EX that isn't a standard in the LX and DX. Asides the DX which is mainly a sedan, you can get the others in two-door coupe and four-door sedan variants.

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Below are the prices of used Honda Accord End of Discussion as well as used Honda Accord Discussion continues in Nigerian market. The brand new pricing is for reference only as you won't find a brand new EOD or Discussion continues for sale at the moment.

Brand new Honda Accord 2003-2007 prices in Nigeria

Model Price
Honda Accord End of Discussion 2003

 From ₦2,500,000

Honda Accord End of Discussion 2004

 From ₦3,500,000

Honda Accord End of Discussion 2005

 From ₦4,000,000

Honda Accord Discussion continues 2006

From ₦4,500,000
Honda Accord Discussion continues 2007 From ₦4,800,000

The Tokunbo prices may vary due to currency exchange rate and custom clearing cost while the Nigerian used versions depend greatly on car condition and car mileage.

Used Honda Accord 2003 - 2007 prices in Nigeria
Model Price
Tokunbo Honda Accord End of Discussion 2003

₦1,800,000 - ₦3,000,000

Nigerian used Honda accord End of Discussion 2003

₦800,000 - ₦1,500,000
Tokunbo Honda Accord End of Discussion 2004

₦2,200,000 - ₦4,000,000

Nigerian used Honda accord End of Discussion 2004

₦1,200,000 - ₦2,800,000

Tokunbo Honda Accord End of Discussion 2005

₦2,500,000 - ₦4,000,000

Nigerian used Honda accord End of Discussion 2005

₦1,200,000 - ₦3,200,000

Tokunbo Honda Accord Discussion continues 2006

₦2,000,000 - ₦4,000,000

Nigerian used Honda Accord Discussion continues 2006

₦1,800,000 - ₦3,500,000

Tokunbo Honda Accord Discussion continues 2007

 ₦2,500,000 - ₦5,000,000

Nigerian used Honda Accord Discussion continues 2007

₦1,800,000 - ₦3,800,000

All in all, the Honda Accord 7th generation cars are fantastic but here are our recommendations. If you seek fuel economy, engine performance, speed, less maintenance cost and fewer car problems, go for the Honda Discussion continues. If space, affordability, and fuel tank volume is your concern, then the Honda End of Discussion is ideal for you.

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3. Fuel Economy & Engine Performance

Both Honda End of Discussion and Honda Discussion Continues come with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine and a 3-liter J30 V6 engine option. The 4-cylinder engine in the Honda EOD puts out about 157 horsepower at every 5,600 revs per minute, while the one in the Honda Discussion Continues boasts 160 HP at 5,500 rpm. The V6 for both cars manages a 244 HP at almost similar revs.

This is also the case in fuel economy. Both cars have a 20 miles per gallon rating in the city, but the Honda Discussion Continues does better on the highway with 35 mpg as compared the Honda Accord End of Discussion 34 mpg. You can obviously tell that the Honda Discussion continues is a better fuel economy car and has a lot more speed as well. So we recommend it as against the Honda End of Discussion.


Honda models are famous for high fuel economy rate


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4. Differences in Exterior and Interior

Both Honda Accord End of Discussion and Honda Discussion Continues have a lot of similarities with their interior and exterior that makes it almost difficult to tell them apart. They are both roomy, comfortable, built for off-road drives, do well on long trips, have an organised tech dashboard, large seats and nicely finished interior.

But surprisingly, the Honda End of Discussion which is the predecessor has bigger wheels than the Honda Discussion continues. It also has a much bigger truck of almost 17 feet in volume as against the Honda Discussion Continues boot which is just 14 feet. The Honda EOD has a fuel tank that is also about a one and half liters more than its successor. Therefore, if passenger room, fuel tank volume and cargo space are what you seek, then the Honda End of discussion is perfect.


The interior design of Honda Accord End of Discussion


The interior of the Honda Discussion Continues

5. Pros and cons

Both cars have similar pros and cons to doubt. They have a good feel on the road, responsive steering wheel, quiet engine, and very little road or wind noise that you only notice when you're on really high speed. The cars are easy to maintain especially if you opt for the variants with 4-cylinder engines.

The 4-cylinder engines come with a timing chain that doesn't need any replacement until it's totally bad (which rarely occurs). The V6 engine, however, comes with a timing belt that needs to be replaced after about 80,000 miles. This is where the disadvantages start.


Both cars have similar appearance from behind

The Honda End of Discussion witnesses paint peeling off, which is not usually the issue with the Honda discussion continues. The Honda EOD also has transmission issues in the V6 variant. This hardly happens in the Honda discussion continues. You won't want to all your saved-up money visiting the mechanic. Honda discussion continues is more expensive though. So if you are on a budget, go for the Honda End of discussion. But if quality is what you seek, the Honda Discussion continues is great.

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6. Notes for purchase and maintenance

When you go to purchase either of these cars, there are quite a number of things to look out for on both. Firstly test drive it and check for white or blue smoke from the exhaust system. If there is, avoid the car. Also check the starter motor and rear O2 sensor. If they seem faulty, get the seller to fix them as quickly as possible. Drivers have complained about excessive oil consumption. Perhaps this is something to look out for.

Also check the engine light, automatic transmission shifts, oil level, air conditioning, and power steering pump. If you hear strange noises, then there are faults that need to be fixed. The audio player too malfunctions.

2003 - 2007 Honda Accord - Used car review

As for maintenance, the Honda End of Discussion seemingly would cost a lot more to maintain, no thanks to paint peels and transmission issues. But once you follow through with routine maintenance, washing of the vehicle, topping up of oil and replacing of worn-out parts, you have nothing to worry about. However, we recommend the Honda discussion continues for minimal maintenance costs.

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So what is your choice? Honda Accord End of Discussion (2003-05) or Honda Accord Discussion Continues (2006-07)?

If you are interested in any, check out our cars for sale!

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