2019 Bentley Continental GT is a powerfully beautiful executive ride

Jan 03, 2020

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1. Introduction of 2019 Bentley Continental GT

When we talk of quality touring vehicle around the world, the Continental GT is one of the best to be mentioned. The 2019 Bentley Continental GT is built with two engine variants, the W12 engine and the V8 engine. In terms of body style, Bentley is offering the 2019 Continental GT in two body styles, the Coupe and Convertible, but the convertible will not be available in select areas but will be available to more areas early next year.

The new Continental GT stands out among some of its competitors counting the obvious top technology used in its design. Its top-quality mechanical design makes it very stunning in performance. In 2003, Continental GT was debuted by Bentley and they have really tried their best to maintain a familiar look. Starting from inception, Bentley's aim was to be the very best touring vehicle available which it has apparently achieved with this latest Continental GT. It is a beautiful vehicle which is made for bespoke luxury and style.


Bentley is offering the 2019 Continental GT in two body styles, the Coupe and Convertible

The 2019 Bentley Continental GT has a manufacturer's stated retail starting price of $214,600 (₦77.6 million) and $267,700 (₦96.8 million) on test. Higher trims can definitely cost more. Please also note that this price does not include delivery fees and custom clearing cost. That's why to get a 2019 Continental GT shipped to Nigeria, you may even have to pay double that amount.

The new Continental GT was built in England, Crewe and on VW Group's MSB platform. It can even be tagged the best looking Bentley car to date because of its super fascinating design. It looks more aggressive, lower and sleeker. The Continental has competitors like Aston Martin DB11, Portofino, Benz S-Class Coupe, and Ferrari GTC4.

2. Exterior styling of 2019 Bentley Continental GT

The new 2019 Bentley Continental GT is super attractive when it comes to external design. The Continental comes in different varieties of custom and standard colors and 2-doors configurations. The bodyside comes with a well-sculpted aluminum with sharper lines.

The Continental has well-pronounced character lines and the body structure proportions were well balanced. It weighs 4,947 pounds which is 150 pounds lighter when compared with the previous year model.  It is 55-inches high, 77.4 inches wide and 190.9 inches long. The Continental comes with other exterior features like 21" Pirelli P-Zero tires, fog light, power-folding mirrors, LED tail lamps and LED matrix headlamps with High Beam Assist.


2019 Continental GT comes with LED tail lamps and matrix headlamps with High Beam Assist

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3. Interior highlights of 2019 Bentley Continental GT

The new Continental GT has one of the best interior design among some of its contemporaries. The new beast was equipped with a lot of standard and high-level of tech materials and features to make a remarkable driving experience. Its menus and controls are logically arranged for easy access and understanding. The cabin was wrapped with soft leather, handcrafted wood and fine brushed metals.


The new Continental GT has one of the best interior design

The two-door Continental GT has 4-5 persons seats unlike the previous year models. The front and rear seats are very soft and supportive. They are covered with a long-lasting and beautiful leather which makes the inside looks more attractive. However, there are some material used which seems to be odd choice. For instance, the continental GT uses a plastic gear shift which makes it look childish, cheap and not so standard in comparison with some of its competitors like BMW new SUV which uses manufactured crystals gear shift.

The dashboard was well set up to aid the driver's visibility. It is made of an impressive analog dials and woodwork. The keys and knobs were made easily accessible for control and necessary adjustment. Well knurled, quilted and fine stitched materials are used for the cabin design. It uses a keyless ignition system. More so, the infotainment system in the new Continental GT is one of the best around. The Continental is equipped with series of high-tech multimedia systems to make our journey fun. It has an optional Bang and Olufsen audio system with overwhelming 16 surround sound speakers and also a Touch User experience called 'BeoSonic' which is very rare in some of the latest cars available now. It also has a stunning multimedia touchscreen display with an optional Bentley Rotating Display feature which helps in concealing the screen and displaying of panel so as to match the interior design option.


The 2019 Bentley Continental GT 2-door can accommodate 4-5 passengers

It also has about three cooling and heating seats options, USB ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are also available for media streaming. The Continental GT allows vehicle to smartphone connection, allowing you perform simple tasks like making calls hands free. Continental GT also offer features like Voice recognition and control.

The 2019 Bentley Continental GT comes with high level safety features to ensure adequate safety is provided to every passenger considering the cars blistering speed and power. These features also provide maximum supports for the driver on any road condition. Some safety features available are air adaptive suspension, antilock brakes, stability and traction control, rearview camera, front and back parking sensors, overhead airbags and front and side impact airbags.

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4. Performance of 2019 Bentley Continental GT

The new Bentley Continental GT makes use of a giant 6.0 liter dual turbocharged W12 engine. This engine produces a power output of over 626 horsepower and torque of 664 pound-feet at the range of 1,350 - 4,500 rpm. It makes use of an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission system. These numbers are equally transmitted to the pavement without any altering the transmission or any engine argument. It is just so perfect and feels like a private jet when riding on a highway.

The W12 engine also uses variable displacement, direct injection and stop-start to maximize power output. It is also expected to be using the same EPA fuel economy rate with the old 2018 W12 engine which is 20/12 highway/city MPG. The continental also has 4-drive modes with a custom set-up mode which enables the driver to set up its own drive mode to suit his driving desire.


It has a maximum speed of 207 mph and will effortlessly accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds

It has a maximum speed of 207 mph and will effortlessly accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The Continental GT uses an all-wheel driving system which makes even distribution of engine power to the wheels to maximize acceleration and also 60/40 torque split between the rear and front wheels. The 2019 Continental makes use of an adaptive suspension system and a 48V Active Roll Control system which helps to accommodate any road condition as well as maintain perfect stability and traction.

By reason of its all-wheel drive, lesser weight, adaptive air suspension with continuous damping and 3-chamber air springs, the Continental GT will make corners and bends with supreme ease.

Even at a very high speed, the Continental Pirelli P-Zero tires along with electric steering make little or no noise and give adequate driving feedback respectively. With its over 600 horsepower, acceleration is extremely refined and this in part is due to its dual-clutch and 8-speed automatic transmission system.

The Continental GT also utilizes a Variable Displacement Technology to manage performance and fuel economy. When the car is traveling at a lower speed, the variable displacement technology is activated and it systematically disengages 6 cylinders, allowing only 6 cylinders to power the car at this low throttle speed. However, all 12 cylinders come online the moment the driver demands more power by stepping down harder on the accelerator.

Bentley Continental GT 2019 in-depth review

5. Detailed specifications of 2019 Bentley Continental GT

Below are standard specifications of the luxury 2019 Bentley Continental GT. Check them carefully in the following table!

2019 Bentley Continental GT specifications
Engine and Performance
Base engine type W12 V8
Base engine size 6.0 liter 4.0 liter
Transmission 8-speed dual-clutch transmission
Drive Train All-Wheel Drive
Power 626 hp 542 hp
Torque 664 lb-ft 568 lb-ft
Acceleration (0-60)mph 3.6 Seconds 3.9 Seconds
Maximum Speed mph 207 mph 198 mph
Maximum Cargo Capacity           12.6 cubic-ft
Fuel Economy
EPA mileage estimates

City - 16.6 mpg

Highway- 30.4 mpg

Combined- 23.3 mpg

Fuel tank capacity 90 Liters
Curb Weight 4947 lb
Wheelbase 112.2 Inch
Body Width 77.4 Inch
Body Height 55.3 Inch
Ground Clearance 142 mm
Body Length 190.9 Inch

6. Conclusion

So, what do you think of the luxury but powerful 2019 Bentley Continental GT after our detailed review above?

You may not be able to afford this car at the moment. However, this car deserves being a motivation for all of us to strive for, no matter what happens; one day, we will sit inside this automobile and enjoy the fresh ride of life.

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