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Peugeot is a French manufacturer founded in 1986. It proudly received numerous international awards for its car models, including the awards for European Car of the Year. The brand has participated in motor sport for over a century. The first Peugeot car was built in 1989, a steam-powered, three-wheeled vehicle designed by Léon Serpollet.
All Peugeot models come with exclusive and impressive designs, luxurious and comfortable interiors and great fuel economies, making them one of the most cherished cars not only at its home land but also across the world.
In Nigeria, Peugeot models are among the most desirable cars that all people want to spend even their last Naira to buy. Peugeot cars once were loved so much that musicians made songs to praise its efficiency and effectiveness during the ‘60s. With all of what Peugeot can offer, its car models are proud to be one of the most driven ones on Nigeria roads.
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