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Peugeot 508 for sale

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    If you are looking to buy Peugeot 508 in Nigeria, you are at the right place. Naijauto is the most powerful automotive platform that help you find only car deals closest to your need and budget.

    Peugeot 508 for sale is a hot keyword regardless of condition, be it brand new, Nigerian used, or Tokunbo cars (Nigerian term for foreign used). Born in 2010, the name 508 has attracted much attention from the public when totally replacing both Peugeot 407 (or often known as Jet in Nigeria) and the large-size Peugeot 607. The car model shares similar engine and platform with Citroen C5, boasting of a reliable performance in its segment.

    Peugeot 508 has got noticeable achievements like Car of the Year, Best Large Family Car, Best Imported Family Car, all in the year 2011.

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