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Opel Zafira for sale in Nigeria

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  • Tokunbo Opel Zafira Snowtrekker 2000 Model Green

    Condition: Used
    Transmission: Manual
    182000 Km
    Foreign Used Opel Zafira 2000 model. Please note that this is totally accident Free car with normal left hand, very cool engine and gear, sweet, nice body, all kits and accessories are intact, it''s Lagos Tincan cleared.
For some people, the reason to fall in love with the Opel Zafira can be as simple as the elaborate design, while for others, it is the impressive specifications. Indeed, the interior and specifications can satisfy even the most discerning customers.

Opel cars, especially the Zafira have always been the go-to name for most average Nigerians, because the price of Opel Zafira in specific, and the Opel price in Nigeria in general are relatively attractive (you can visit our Car Prices category).

On this website, you can find all the models of Opel in the Nigerian market. If you already have a name in mind, such as Zafira, you can go straight to the listings on our website. We have everything from foreign used (or tokunbo as Nigerians call it) to Nigerian used Zafira.

It’s never been easier to buy Opel Zafira for sale in Nigeria than it is, right here, right now. And should you think we only trade used cars, we also retail brand new one. With an intuitive interface and powerful filters, we guarantee that you will save a considerable amount of your lifetime looking for cheap cars for sale here, at Naijauto.com.