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2007 Nissan Versa for sale

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Lagos, Lagos

Certified foreign use Nissan Versa 2007. less fuel consumption, plenty of space, less maintenance. Document are complete, fully certified not accidented.|\u2122 \u2794 Certified foreign use Nissan Versa 2007. less fuel consumption, plenty of space, less maintenance. Document are complete, fully certified not accidented. \u2764 Contact with Betty Onomiwo on \u2764 Try FREE online classified in Nigeria today!

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If what you need is information on Nissan for sale, then you are on the right page. Scroll to read full information compiled to guide you through the section on Nissan for sale in Nigeria on with an introduction of the Japanese automaker, some of its popular models in the Nigerian auto market and their prices in Nigeria.

Nissan for sale: Is Nissan a good car?

Nigerians are known to have huge trust in Japanese brands for their reliability, durability and affordability. No wonder they have been in the auto market for so many years now. Nissan is one of the most sought-after brands in the country, especially in the area of fuel efficiency and the ease of getting the spare parts at all auto markets like Ladipo.  Not just that, it is also easy to get mechanics who are specialists in the brand. Nissan products are readily available in the country as brand new, foreign-used (Tokunbo) and Nigerian-used, all at reasonable prices.

Naijauto is the leading online platform which connects the buyers and sellers via many platforms. However, if you are interested in approaching the dealership in person, Stallion Motors is the accredited distributor of Nissan vehicles in Nigeria, with 8 branches spread all over the country for easy access. The dealer provides all Nissan car sales and after-sales services.

Note: Ensure you check the condition of the vehicle and request for the original document before you pay. If possible, go with your trusted mechanic for the overall inspection of important aspects of the car such as the engine. You can also visit our tips and advice section to know the type of documents you should collect after paying for the car.

History of Nissan

The Nissan Motor Company is a Japanese car company founded in 1933 under the Nissan Group. With its headquarters in Nishi-ku, Yokohama in Japan, the multi-national company sells its vehicles under other brands like Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti. It also has a performance tuning-unit known as Nismo.

The name ‘Nissan’ came into being in 1928 when Yoshisuke, who was the founder, became the president of Nihon Sangyo, a company that used to sell auto parts and foundries. By 1933, the ticker name Nissan made its debut at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

One of the most iconic parts of Nissan history is the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, a partnership that came into play in 1999, giving each of the company controlling stakes in other companies. This partnership went on to become the 4th largest car manufacturer on the planet. In 2014, Nissan was the biggest producer of vehicles in North America.

Nissan became the largest producer of electric vehicles in the world in 2018 with global sales of over 320,000 EVs. The Nissan LEAF is the top-selling of this electric lineup, and the second in the world after Tesla Model 3.

Why you should buy Nissan products in Nigeria

Ranging from sedans to SUVs to trucks, Nissan products are readily available in the market and will give you more than their price tag. They are also tailored to work well with our climates and roads. Some of the popular Nissan models you will find in Nigeria include:

  • Nissan Murano

  • Nissan Maxima

  • Nissan Altima

  • Nissan Rogue

  • Nissan Micra

  • Nissan Juke

  • Nissan Kicks

  • Nissan Pathfinder

  • Nissan 370Z

Nissan sits among the leaders in the auto industry in terms of providing full economical vehicles for their owners, hereby saving you unnecessary trips to the filling station. Nissan vehicles are safe to drive and are backed by some of the best technological innovations out there. They are easy to maintain and their resale value is awesome. Overall, Nissan gives you the satisfaction of owning a car in Nigeria.

Most popular Nissan for Sale in Nigeria in 2020

The most popular Nissan for sale Nigeria include the Nissan Pathfinder, Maxima, Altima, Primera. Versa and Versa. The table below lists some of their versions with their number of listings on



Number of listings on


 Nissan Pathfinder 2007



 Nissan Pathfinder 2006



 Nissan Maxima 2004



 Nissan Maxima 2006



 Nissan Maxima 2009



 Nissan Altima 2006



 Nissan Altima 2007



 Nissan Primera 2000



Updated Nissan price in Nigeria

The price of Nissan in Nigeria ranges from over ₦9.5m for the Nissan Versa to nearly ₦74m for the Nissan GT-R Nismo. Below is a list of some of the most popular Nissan models in Nigeria with their prices on


Brand Model Year

Tokunbo Price

Nigerian-used Price


Nissan Pathfinder

₦1,250,000 - ₦7,300,000

₦800,000 -  ₦2,750,000


Nissan Maxima

₦415,000 - ₦1,400,000

₦650,000 - ₦4,500,000


Nissan Altima


₦950,000 - ₦1,300,000 


Nissan Primera

₦1,150,000 - ₦1,600,000

₦640,000 - ₦900,000


Nissan Versa



₦1,650,000 - ₦3,350,000


Nissan Altima Sports 2008



Used Nissan for Sale in Nigeria – Trusted Locations

At Naijauto, we have an accurate list of tested and trusted dealers regardless of your location in Nigeria. Our dealers spread across Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna all over the country, the leading website for buying and selling of cars in Nigeria has got you covered on where to buy Nissan cars for sale used.

Moreover, we also have a car for sale section which offers a wide range of cheap Nissan for sale in Nigeria and also from various other brands. With this, you can find your favourite car according to brand, models, prices, fuel mileage and colours, etc. The website also provides you with up-to-date news, reviews and tips as regards the Nigerian auto industry.

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1. Nissan vs Toyota: Which is better?

Generally, Toyota has proven to have greater reliability than Nissan and have vehicles with greater value.

2. Do Nissan cars have a long lifespan?

Under proper maintenance and service, they will last for the whole lifetime.

3. Are Nissan cars costly to be maintained?

The answer is not. Nissan cars are impressively reliable and their repair cost is mostly lower than that of vehicles from other brands.

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