Zenvo debuts 1,177 hp bespoke carbon-laden TSR-S hypercar, sells for ₦595.76 million


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The Danish car maker Zenvo has just released a ₦595.76m carbon fiber TRS-S hypercar with a massive 1,177 horsepower. See pictures!

From the latest reports coming from the auto scene, Zenvo has just unveiled its newest twin-supercharged TSR-S 1,177 hp hypercar with mostly carbon-fiber design and other bespoke touches.


The Zenvo TSR-S is an insanely fast hypercar with an exposed carbon-fiber body

From the information reaching naijauto.com, this TSR-S hypercar is the first model to be offered full fragmented carbon-fiber wheels and built-in house by the Denmark-based automaker. The individual weave design on the model is also a fascinating feature to watch out for, which can be tailored according to what the buyer wants, all in the exposed carbon fiber body parts.

The company said:

“The geometric pattern carbon fibre visible within the blue tinted central stripe is a further evolution of Zenvo’s class leading carbon fibre technology and personalisation options, such as the bespoke ‘watermark’ carbon fibre graphics featured on previous TSR-S models.”

There is also the utilization of this technique on the carbon fiber side pods, which features the emblazoned logo of the car manufacturer within the material in an “opposing herringbone pattern”.


Zenvo is offering potential buyers the chance to customize their individual weave design to their desired specification

The wheels are 33 lbs. lighter in weight when compared to the aluminum variants. It takes 2 technicians an estimated one week to manufacture each wheel. Customers will be given the chance to specify personalized sections within varying carbon finishes. The company promises to color-tint every one of the visible carbon-fibers on the hypercar.

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Drivers will be offered Race and Road modes for the ultimate experience when behind the wheel

The Danish carmaker also made use of this opportunity to debut its latest drivetrain development from the brand, which is a hybrid variant of a seven-speed sequential gearbox, including helical-cut dog gears. With this latest transmission, drivers will be offered 2 modes – Race and Road, which will be controlled through the switchgear (aluminum), placed on the steering wheel.

When the TSR-S hypercar is moving on the Road mode, the gear will change for a smoother transition that is electronically-assisted. The Race mode, on the other hand, will ensure direct and faster mechanical changes than found on conventional race cars. The newly introduced gearbox will offer traction control, power boost and eighth forward gear from its hybrid module.

Look at the video below to learn more about Zenvo.

The Home of Zenvo | Episode 1: The Wheel

The Zenvo TRS-S hypercar comes equipped with V8 flat-plane twin-supercharged engine with a generative output of 1,117 horsepower. It has the ability to accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 62 mph in an impressive 2.8 seconds. Zenvo will only manufacture 5 units every year at a retail price of $1.63 million or 587 million.

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