Volvo determines to stop gas car production in 5 years, introducing Volvo XC40 Recharge


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Volvo now has a fully electric car, the Volvo XC40 Recharge. It's the very first model in the automaker's electric car line up. It's also saying bye to gas-powered automobiles. See more here!

Electric cars are the future. Following the footsteps of other automakers, Volvo has unveiled the first of its ev fleet - the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

Volvo has long disclosed its goal to be a company that is carbon neutral. A feat it plans to have achieved come 2040.


This is the first model in Volvo's electric car line up

Before now, Volvo did not have a complete electric car. Hence, the XC40 is a big deal. And given the good reputation the automaker has built over the years, car enthusiasts cannot wait to lay their hands on the rechargeable car. Interestingly, it will be a first of many as Volvo is using it to launch its electric car line. The line will showcase high-end cars that are fully electric and those that are plug-in hybrids.

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To drive this goal, the automaker plans to release a fully electric car each year within five years. Recognizing the impact of electric cars in the world today, the automaker hopes that, by 2025, no fewer than 50% of its cars will belong to the electric category. The other 50% left will fit into the hybrid category. Volvo is also concerned about their carbon footprints. They plan to achieve a 40% reduction by 2025 too.


The XC40's interior is supported by Google and Android

If everything works out as planned, Volvo will be one of the few climate-neutral companies around by 2040. This is very commendable considering that global temperature is on a steady rise. It will also be a fulfilment of the Paris Climate Agreement which the automaker supports. Recycling and reusing will be part of Volvo’s operations in order to achieve set goals.

Horsepower of the XC40 is pegged at 402. When fully recharged, it is estimated to cover up to 200 miles. If you happen to use a fast charger to recharge it, you will get an 80% charge in just 40 minutes. There is room for great infotainment with its modern infotainment system that is supported by both Google and Android.


The XC40's fully charged battery covers 200 miles

Although the company is yet to announce the price of the car, it will be disclosed before the car starts selling in the first quarter of 2020.

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