Volkswagen unveils 2021 Nivus crossover with coupe-like design


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German automaker, Volkswagen has finally unveiled its new 2021 Nivus crossover that comes with a coupe-like design and only one powertrain choice. Read more!

Finally, the 2021 Volkswagen Nivus crossover has been officially unveiled by the German automaker through new photos. This new crossover is expected to hit the Brazil auto market by the end of June because that’s where it is being completely developed. This model comes in a coupe-like design


The 2021 Volkswagen Nivus crossover is out with a coupe-like design and only one powertrain option

The German auto giant, Volkswagen, seems to have quite a lot in store for customers this year regardless of the current pandemic. Just a few weeks ago, Volkswagen released a new electric model called the eTransporter which is a battery-powered variant of its popular Transporter van. Now, the automaker is out with a new affordable 2021 crossover model called the Nivus.

Apart from complementing Volkswagen’s lineup of crossovers, the newly unveiled Nivus showcases the incredible versatility of the automaker’s MQB-A0 platform which is the cheaper version of the MQB platform used by T-Cross, Virtus, and Polo models. The differences are obvious from the dimensions of this new Nivus crossover, which is 4.26 meters (167.72-inches) long but has a wheelbase of 2.56 meters (100.79-inch), the exact same as that of VW Polo. For better comparison, we have included a table below which lists out the body measurements of this new Nivus crossover as well as the Polo and T-Cross models.

Comparison of Nivus, Polo, and T-Cross VW models
Dimensions(m)  Polo  T-Cross Nivus
 Cargo Space:  300 litres (10.59 cu.ft.)  373 litres (13.17 cu.ft.)  415 litres (14.66 cu.ft.)
 Wheelbase: 2.566 (100.79 inches)   2.651 (104.33 inches)  2.566 (100.79 inches)
 Height: 1.468 (57.80 inches)  1.570 (61.81 inches)  1.493 (58.78 inches)
 Length: 4.057 (159.72 inches)   4.199 (164.96 inches) 4.266 (167.72 inches)

Volkswagen is yet to talk about equipment or pricing of this newly unveiled Nivus crossover as of now because all indications point to the company doing so next month. Nonetheless, various car dealers have already disclosed some unconfirmed information regarding its specs and features as well as pricing and details about its 3 different trim levels, which are Highline, Comfortline, and 200TSI.


The newly unveiled 2021 Volkswagen Nivus crossover is equipped with enough modern car tech that fits today’s common needs

According to car dealers, this new VW Nivus crossover will cost less than the current T-Cross model. The price of the basic (entry-level) version will start at ₦5.8million ($14,800), which is ₦620,000 ($1,600) less than the starting price of the T-Cross 200 TSI (manual). However, the Nivus crossover will come with the same 1.0-liter turbocharged engine which outputs 128hp (95kW) but with a 6-speed auto transmission as the only option. This might not be so bad considering that it is probably targeted at being used by small families looking for a more affordable option and who do not travel long distances.

Below is the video ad showcasing this newly unveiled VW Nivus crossover;

  New 2021 VW Nivus revealed - Interior, Exterior

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