New-generation Volkswagen Golf 8 coming in October, 2019


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Volkswagen is looking to deliver the 8th generation of its popular hatchback, the Golf. Sources within the VW Group say we should expect to see the new Golf before the end of the year. Check its pics below!

Naijauto has managed to gather that Volkswagen is looking to deliver the 8th generation of its popular hatchback, the Volkswagen Golf. The latest edition of the Golf has been seriously delayed due to some technical issues with cars all new software. Volkswagen intends to build a much larger and more complex software for the Golf which Volkswagen says will be able to update itself over the air and will have a whopping 90 million more code lines than the previous version.

1. New Volkswagen Golf to be launched in October, 2019

Sources within the Volkswagen Group are saying that we should expect the new Golf before the end of the year. In fact, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess all but confirmed an October public presentation date at an annual meeting earlier in the year.

The company is trying to deliver a much more classy Volkswagen Golf 8 especially with its software that will offer a fully digital in-car experience. The software system will make Golf 8 much more intelligent as it will be able to seamlessly communicate with other intelligent transport infrastructure, as well as other cars. The software system will support the Volkswagen We App which is the companies in car App that will utilize Ethernet connections for better in car experience. Therefore, to ensure that the software will hack-safe and free of bugs, the team of design/production staff headed by Karlheinz Hell are working assiduously to fix all weak links before it is launched.

Offering a more optimistic stance, the CEO Herbert Diess said:

“Currently we are fighting hard with the ramp-up,” and “We will meet our deadline and deliver the first vehicles at the end of this year.”


The CEO of Volkswagen group has unveiled the information in an annual meeting earlier this year

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2. Possible upgrades in upcoming Volkswagen Golf 8

The new Volkswagen Golf 8 which has recently been spied upon will sport just a few changes. The most obvious being they new double creases on the hood of the Golf, giving it a more luxury-style expensive look. The tail lights will be obviously smaller than its predecessor, while the funkier looking headlamps will definitely be made with LED technology.

The daytime running light looks like it’s going to be integrated into the front bumbers. The fascia’s both for the front and rear end are all new but obviously simple and less pronounced. Rear spoilers were noticed on the spied version, however we expect this feature to be trim dependent as is always the case.


The next-gen Volkswagen Golf seems to get a new bumper and fascia

Another notable change is the length of the rear doors which is an obvious indicator of an increase in overall length of the car. This will mean that the length between the front and rear axles (wheelbase), has been increased to accommodate this new exterior feature. Other minor changes will be a lower mirror base and slightly higher contour lines that run across the car door handles.

For the first time the Volkswagen Golf 8 will be offered with a 48 volt Hybrid powertrain option with a solid range of 50 miles. Combined with the hybrid version will be the standard fuel engines that will utilize petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas to power the cars. Volkswagen says the Golf 8 will be more Eco friendly, as the engines are designed to emit lower carbon grams and pose higher fuel economy.


The car maker reveals the Golf will be more fuel saving & eco-friendly

Any more delay in launching the Volkswagen Golf 8 will definitely hammer the Brands image in the market and will offer its competitors like the Focus and Astra an edge. Commenting on this, Juergen Stackmann who is the Volkswagen Brand Sales manager opined that launching the Golf 8 in December leaves the brand at risk of going unnoticed among customers at such festive time of the year when customers would be much more inclined to shopping for Christmas trees and presents than purchasing a new car.

If this should end up happening, Golf’s sales across the globe may be seriously hampered, compared to its very strong sales in recent years. In fact last year, 445,754 units of the Golf was sold, making it the best selling car across Europe.

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