Volkswagen names its first electric car model ID.3


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The first fully electric car model from Volkswagen has been named and the brand is set to compete with Telsa! Check the impressive photos of Volkswagen ID.3 here!

Car manufacturer, Volkswagen, has a long history behind its brand. And according to Volkswagen, from history down to the present, its company has had two chapters only. The first chapter was marked when the brand unveiled the original Beetle. The second chapter came by when the Golf model was launched, with subsequent generations coming later.

So, it isn't a surprise when the German automaker came up with the decision to call its brand new electric car the ID.3.

The name holds a huge significance as the '3' typically represents the 'third chapter'.


The Volkswagen ID.3 in its beauty, set to compete with Telsa

Since Volkswagen unveiled the ID.concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Naijauto knew the brand's first fully electric car was on the pipeline. Just as it turned out, the ID.3 is a hatchback produced under the MEB platform (Modular electric drive matrix platform for the electric cars created by Volkswagen)

Other ID.concept production versions will also be rolled out based on the MEB platform. They are the ID Vizzion, ID Crozz, ID Roomzz, and the ID Buzz concept.

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Volkswagen said, the shipping of the ID.3 launch edition to customers will commence in mid-2020 and it's limited to only 30,000 units. Also, the launch edition will be produced starting from this year ending at the Brand's EV factory in Germany.

Just like other launch editions, the ID.3 is coming with lots of gadgets and options. For the model, there will be a midrange battery that can go 261 miles on one charge on Europe's WLTP cycle.


The ID.3 is coming with lots of gadgets and options

VW says the pricing for the launch edition ID.3 will be below €40,000 ($45,000).

The base model will have a 205 miles range and will be priced below €30,000 while the large battery with 340 miles model is yet to be priced.

According to Volkswagen head of design, all models will be a rear engine and rear wheel drive (RWD).

Volkswagen intends delivering more than 100,000 units of ID.3 each year immediately the production line for the launch edition begins.

The fully electric car from Volkswagen, ID.3

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