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Throwback 1901: The Vision Mercedes Simplex Concept reveals the past in a refreshed look

By Jane Osuagwu
Publish on September 17, 2019

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Mercedes has revealed its 1901 historic car in a refreshed look named Vision Mercedes Simplex. Take a look at this unique car!

German automaker, Mercedes, has gone back 118 years to reveal its historic car, now in a refreshed look.

Dubbed the Vision Mercedes Simplex, the concept car pays homage to the first car to go by the name “Mercedes”. Back then, cars were known to feature just engines and carriages.

As gathered by Naijauto, Mercedes is using the concept car to tell the world that its brand is all about luxury and innovation. The car was created at the new design studio Mercedes opened in Nice, France.


The Vision Mercedes Simplex concept car pays homage to the 1901 Merceds Simplex

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The weird car features a blue seat for two, four large transparent wheels that distance itself from the body. The front is coated in white whereas the back has black paints. An indication that it took after its original design.


The cabin depicts a steering wheel made of wood and metal

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Coming to the front, a grille adorned in rose gold can be seen. Since the car won't be driven much, a radiator isn't needed. So, taking its place is 3D display with Mercedes inscribed in functioning as a trunk is a leather bag sitting at the end of the car's body. The cabin depicts a steering wheel made of wood and metal.


The car has a 3D display with Mercedes inscribed in the front of it

Mercedes doesn't have any plans to produce the concept car. It’s safe to say the Vision Mercedes Simplex was only a toast to the 1901 historic car.

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Jane Osuagwu is an automotive writer at Naijauto.com. She's a car enthusiast who loves creating educative and informative topics on cars, ranging from maintenance tips to updates on the latest trend in the auto industry in concise and friendly writing. 

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