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Toyota's latest Crossover SUV is the smallest SUV in Toyota's inventory and certainly, you will want to know the Toyota Model it is derived from.

Toyota recently announced that a new member will be joining its long list of illustrious and famous cars. The new member is a sub-compact SUV which is actually Toyota's smallest SUV till date. It is a Crossover SUV model built on the same GA-B platform used in the production of the latest Toyota Yaris. The new Crossover SUV is nicknamed the Yaris Cross that comes with a hybrid powertrain.

The Crossover SUV's first port of entry is Ireland where it was recently launched on the 23rd of April. Speaking on the all New Yaris Cross, Toyota Ireland's Chief Executive Officer, Steve Tormey, expressed his delight:

"We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Yaris Cross. This is a vibrant and stylish new model to add to the range, and it will suit our customers who are sophisticated and energetic. It combines small car design with SUV engineering, and with our rich heritage in SUV cars customers can expect practicality delivered with comfort and style"

Check out a cool highlight of the all-new Yaris Cross in the video below:

Video: Introducing the All-new Yaris Cross

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The design team of the Yaris Cross had the diamond shape as a guiding muse while drafting the exterior appearance and design of the Yaris Cross. They made sure the diamond shape was very much emphasized by the body style and fenders, which, when combined, gives the Yaris Cross an all-round appearance that exudes sophistication and energy.

The Yaris Cross backside is designed with a squared tailgate and a horizontal looking rear tail lamps that give a unique appearance that still remains in the shadow of the Yaris family design. The front region gets its own unique styling but still retains some elements of the Toyota SUV gene.

On the body paint side, the all-new Yaris Cross will be dressed in the official factory color which Toyota calls the "Brass Gold" that is a fine saturated mix of gold and a hint of green, giving the final color a solid metallic look as well as an active and fresh urban appeal.


The Yaris Cross is beautifully designed to depict a diamond

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Dimensions of the new Yaris Cross

When we say the smallest, we really mean that because a close look at all 2020 Crossover and SUV models in Toyota's inventory shows that Toyota C-HR is the least in terms of full length and size. The C-HR's exterior dimension stands at 172.6 inches in full length and 70.7 inches of body width, some distance ahead of the new Yaris cross in terms of size.

Coming back to the new Toyota Yaris Cross subcompact SUV comes built on a 100.79-inch wheelbase and has an overall length of 164.57 inches measuring from the front end to the rear bumper. It stands at about 64.42 inches high and offers a ground clearance of up to 6.68 inches while the body is approximately 69.49 inches wide, a good 2.79 inches wider than the 2020 models of the Toyota Yaris Hatchback.

Comparing dimensions with the 2020 Yaris Hatchback, the Yaris Cross is a good 3.54 inch higher than the Yaris Hatchback and offers about 7.1 inches of extra length at the rear when compared with the Yaris Hatchback. 


The Yaris Cross is built on a 100.79 inches wheelbase

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Engine power

Toyota says the Yaris Cross will be one of its most fuel-efficient and lowest emission cars, as it comes with a new 1.5 hybrid power system that sports the latest technology. The main power production unit of the new Crossover SUV is a 3 cylinder, 1.5 Liter Atkinson cycle engine that works with petrol only and delivers a solid 116 hp tapped away at the engine's flywheel.

The engine is designed in such a way that it offers a really high level of torque even at low engine speeds. This is accomplished by a system with one of the lowest cylinder friction co-efficient and mechanical losses. On the fuel efficiency side, the engine posts one of the highest thermal (40%) and fuel combustion efficiency, making it one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs around.


The rear area of the Yaris Cross gets a unique design 

The hybrid power train, according to Toyota, is self-charging, which is very vital especially for the Nigerian environment, where EV charging systems are not so common and hybrid car owners mostly have to replace the drained-out batteries with brand new ones. But with the self-charging feature, owners of the Yaris Cross may not have to worry about that area.

Safety and performance

The foundation on which the Yaris Cross's safety rests is the GA-B platform which has been acclaimed as the most rigid platform yet in the B segment vehicle category. Toyota says the Yaris Cross will definitely benefit from the array of safety technology and features already within the arsenal of the Toyota brand. Features like the Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems and other advanced driver assistance systems are on offer.

On the performance side, the new Yaris Cross comes with an intelligent electrically powered All-Wheel-Drive system that offers solid road traction across virtually every road condition. The Yaris Cross AWD-i is only activated when the need arises, thus acting as a complement for the standard Front-wheel drivetrain which the Yaris comes with. This features means that the AWD-i system on the Yaris Cross offers the lowest fuel consumption as well as the lowest CO2 emission across the whole B-segment of vehicles.


The Yaris comes as standard Front-wheel Drivetrain support by an intelligent AWD

So, the Yaris Cross is one SUV I believe will gain a lot of market performance especially in Nigeria, considering that it is an SUV, a Toyota built car, and a very fuel-efficient ride too. Those factors are generally what Nigerians are looking out for these days and to top it all up, the Yaris Cross offers some high level of practicality with some flexible features in managing interior spacing for more cargo capacity.

So if you need something that's not so big but is practical as well as spacious, then you've got the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross waiting on you. Go get her while she's still hot, but you will have to wait a bit till it is available in Nigeria.

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