Toyota officially launched powerful Supra GT4 that is race-ready with 429hp


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From a teased concept car to an actual production race car; Toyota has just revealed the specs for its coming race-ready Supra GT4 model which can reach up to 429 hp. See its pics and video below!

According to latest updates we have here at Naijauto, a new, race-ready production Toyota Supra GT4 model has just been officially announced by the Japanese automaker. This is coming not too long after the company previously teased it as a concept race car.


After being teased as a concept car, the race-ready Toyota Supra GT4 has now been officially announced

Sales of this new race-ready Supra GT4 is expected to start in March 2020 in Europe, October 2020 in Asia, and August 2020 in North-America. As of now, Toyota has only released the official pricing for the European variant of the Supra GT4, which is stated to be ₦70.4million (€175,000 or $194,395).

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2020 Toyota Supra GT4 (track-only) – What’s under the hood?

In a very impressive way, the new track-only Supra GT4 class shares many similarities with the road-legal versions. This new race-ready version comes with a powerful 3.0L turbocharged Inline-6 engine that outputs 429hp (320kW) and 479 lb-ft (650Nm) of torque. It should be noted that this engine output is slightly higher than that of the road-legal version that has a 335horsepower (250kW) and 365 pound-feet (495Nm) rating.


The new race-ready Toyota Supra GT4 is definitely designed for some serious speed racing

Power in this track-only Supra GT4 is routed through a 7-speed automatic transmission coupled with a limited-slip differential that is mechanical. The car also comes standard with motorsport-spec ABS and traction control. This race car also gets an adjustable type of kW dampers fixed at each of its corners, Brembo brakes combined with 4-piston stoppers at its rear and 6-piston callipers in the front.

The overall weight of the GT4 race car is 2,976lb (1,350kg) and it rides on wide 18-inches OZ wheels fitted with Pirelli slick tires.

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