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Did you know that the new Toyota Rush SUV has been finally introduced to the Nigerian automobile market after 22 years? Read the full news and details here now!

This is one exciting news for us at because it has been 22 years (from 1997) that Toyota Rush has been introduced but never made available to the Nigerian market and now it is.

According to reports reaching us, the sudden introduction is as a result of Nigerian Toyota customers’ increasing demand for a Toyota SUV which will be affordable and can compete with SUVs from other manufacturers in its category.

This Toyota Rush is currently at its third generation (2018 – present) but has a second generation (2006 – 2017) and a first generation (1997 - 2006) which have all been recorded for high performance and top rankings in every region it had been made available in the past.


Toyota Rush has visisted many countries before reaching Nigeria

The Toyota Rush models available for Nigerian market includes 1.5 Automatic leather of High grade, 1.5 Automatic Fabric of high grade, and 1.5 Automatic Fabric of mid-grade.

During the occasion organized for the launch of the Toyota Rush New generation SUV, the Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) Managing director, Kunle Ade-Ojo, in his welcome remark said that this Toyota Rush being suddenly launch at the moment was due to the increasing yearnings and demands from their teeming customers seeking a Toyota vehicle that could bridge a gap for them between their usual Toyota salon category and the upper-class reigning SUVs.

Kunle Ade-Ojo was very confident as he describes their new Toyota Rush to be a befitting SUV that is permeated with the trappings of Superior Quality pride of the Toyota brand as a whole. He also said that the new Toyota Rush will compete favorably within its SUV category with an edge over others by its price, elegance and the Toyota lineage heritage which is already enviable.


The Toyota Rush SUV is promoted for its elegance and affordability

Kunle Ade-Ojo also said the following words about their new Toyota Rush SUV and we have quoted his words below:

“a heritage built on trust, the will to continually satisfy customers and customer safety which is paramount. As a corporate and responsive organization Toyota (Nigeria) Limited will continually strive to yield to the aspirations of our dear customers by enriching our stables with magnificent vehicles, offering attractive variants and surpassing customer expectations”

Kunle Ade-Ojo also added that:

“The inclement economic landscape of our dear nation Nigeria has not deterred us. In fact, it has positively impacted on our creativity in responding to the demands of our dear customers all over Nigeria and we will continue to push the frontiers of technology to keep our customers satisfied and also uphold our culture of excellence”

The TNL marketing manager, Bayo Olawoyin in his presentation during the launch occasion stated that when it comes to utility and design, their new Toyota Rush has impressive fuel economy, high-quality interior, and it is safe and fun to drive.

According to the specifications given by one Mr. Olawoyin, the newly launched Toyota Rush has seven seats, a minimum ground clearance of 220mm, 215/60 R17 (high) and 215/65 R16 (mid-grade) tire size, Front engine (Rear wheel drive) powertrain as well as it comes with a 1.5L DOHC 16valve I4 petrol engine.

Below is a short video review of the Toyota Rush SUV we recommend for you:

New Toyota Rush Review - The Family Car You Need?

For improved safety measures, the SUV is equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). It also comes with a 3-point seat belt including the center position of the rear seat. SRS side airbags, as well as curtain shield airbags, are also pre-installed in this SUV to ensure maximum safety of the passengers.

When it comes to the exterior of this new Toyota Rush SUV, Bayo Olawoyin listed some of the key selling points to be; dynamic styling with a robust body and long cabin, LED taillights, dual-tone grille, projector headlamps and many more.

Olawoyin also mentioned a few key interior features of the new SUV, he emphasized on the amount of space available in this new Toyota Rush SUV. He mentioned that the vehicle has great boot space, impressive headroom space as well as legroom which will allow occupants to be able to make long distance journeys at complete ease. He also mentioned that the Toyota Rush has been designed such that it offers good road visibility as the design delivers great road view to drivers.

All we could say is that the introduction of these Toyota Rush SUVs to the Nigerian automobile market is just great. It will surely bring about diversity and affordability considering that this is the common trend usually offered by the Toyota Motor company as a whole.

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