Toyota reveals Mirai concept car can run on cow dung


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Cow manure isn't a waste! Toyota is experimenting with it and has debuted the Mirai concept car to run on cow droppings. Check it out!

Remember that Indian woman who used cow dung to cover her Toyota Corolla to beat the hot temperature? Well, Japanese automaker, Toyota, likes the cow droppings after all and has brought it into their car concept.

Toyota wants you to forget going to the gas station as the company has unveiled its Toyota Mirai concept car which is fueled by cow dung at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show.


The Mirai concept car is fueled by cow dung

As reported by Naijauto, the second generation redesigned Mirai is a hydrogen fuel-cell car that can be powered for one year by a single deposit of cow's dung.

The chief technology officer to Toyota, Shigeki Terashi, told car enthusiasts at the show that,

"The zero-emission concept car uses a fuel stack to transform liquefied hydrogen into electricity with water as the only byproduct."

The concept hydrogen fuel-cell car is capable of driving 400 miles when fully charged.

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The concept hydrogen fuel-cell car is capable of driving 400 miles when fully charged

The chief engineer of Mirai, Yoshikazu Tanaka, said,

"We hope that with the new Mirai, we will be a leader in helping to realize a hydrogen energy society."


The second-generation Mirai concept car can be powered for one year by a single cow's dung

The new Mirai, which is larger than its previous model, will go on sale in 2021.

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