Meet the Japan's Rolls-Royce, the Toyota Century!


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Toyota challenges the luxury of Rolls-Royce with rival model, the Century. Both cars have a tasteful design, but the lush reigns supreme. Check the Japanese car for royal families here!

If Rolls-Royce thought it was going to have the monopoly of luxury in the limo category, it was mistaken. Bent on taking its share of the market, Toyota has emerged with a new kid on the block, the Toyota Century. Simply put, the Century is everything Rolls-Royce is and a little more. Call it a copycat if you want, but that is not such a bad thing in business. At the end of the day, the numbers are what matters.


Toyota Century has got to be the most stylish car

Toyota Century debut - How much does it cost?

Making its debut on the market in the early part of the year, the century was selling at $180,000 (64,800,000). Not many cars are sold for that amount. Hence, it is a clear indication that the limo is not regular. Just like Roll-Royce, the Century is unapologetically luxurious – that is one striking resemblance both cars share.


The Toyota Century goes through a tedious manufacturing process 

Another common ground both cars share is that they reflect their countries of origin. One would think that an out-of-the world car like the Century would be everywhere. But interestingly, not much is known of it outside its home country, Japan. As a matter of fact, Toyota produces only fifty units every month. Expectedly, only the crème de la crème of Japan can afford it.

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Toyota Century interior luxury

Toyota “finished work” in the interior of the Century, using some of the most advanced automobile technology in its design. It offers a 7-inch multi-controller which can be used to set up features to your desired state. For starters, you can use it to adjust the passenger seat in the front, and control the infotainment system. TV viewing is provided on a crystal screen of 11.6 inches. Designed to be driven by a Chauffeur, they too can entertain themselves on a screen in the front when they are not driving.


It offers of multi-controller for easy access and control

Seat space is great with more than sufficient leg room. This is understandable because, technically, the Century is designed to be enjoyed by people who like to be driven. With an upfront C-Pillar, occupants get to enjoy more head room. Thay have no reason to complain as they lounge in the back.


You get to lounge in the back seat like the VIP that you are

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Toyota Century exterior

Exterior of the Century is better appreciated when seen as words may not be able to describe its lush appearance. Suffice it to say, the Century is in a class of its own. Although Rolls-Royce comes very close, upon closer inspection, the Century takes the cake. But for the Rolls-Royce’s popularity, it has nothing on the Century. Indeed, it is the mother of Japanese luxury.


The Century has a sparkling black exterior

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