Agent Yui! Toyota car AI wakes up drivers and senses their state when behind the wheel


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Toyota is stunning brand lovers worldwide with the coming debut of LQ concept car that attends to the physical and emotional needs of the driver. This will help to improve car-and-driver relationship. Read on!

Just yesterday here on Naijauto, we shared a piece on the 2021 Toyota Mirai fuel cell car, set to make its debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. This is a testament to the fact that the giant automaker is not counting on current or past glories but looking closely into the future of innovation that promises a lot of possibilities.


Toyota believes that these LQ concept cars will be fully used in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota AL 'Yui' bonds the car-and-driver relationship

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, has decided to stun us once more by introducing the concept ‘LQ’ vehicle that offers an impressive and futuristic Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent Yui. Just so you know; this Yui can easily read the physical and emotion state of the driver in order to take charge of aspects of the vehicle, like seat functions, music, fragrances and air conditioning. Another thing you should expect from this ‘LQ’ concept car is the air purification coating that can effectively decompose the emissions coming from the vehicle while on the road.

This remarkable technology is set to be introduced this month at the Tokyo Auto Show and is expected to mesmerize a lot of enthusiasts around the world. This technology, which includes the ‘Yui” will be an on-board technology flawlessly fitted in this car.


Toyota Artificial Intelligence (AI) can communicate and sense the needs of the driver

From an inside report, we discovered that this new program learns mainly from the countenance and conversations of the person behind the wheel with the Yui, which in turn responds effectively to the needs and preference of the driver. After all, it is all about making life extremely comfortable and safe for the occupant of the car. This is indeed a road into the future as the automaker believes this technology will create and tighten the bond between the driver and the car.

The word “Yui” originates from the English word “Cue”, which by implication indicates the aspiration of Toyota in manufacturing more cars that would facilitate deep relationship between the driver and the vehicle.

In a preparatory statement made by Daisuke Ido, LQ development leader at Toyota revealed that:

"With the LQ, we are proud to propose a vehicle that can deliver a personalized experience, meet each driver's unique mobility needs, and build an even stronger bond between car and driver," 

The technological advancement utilized in this concept car isn’t all about the AI inclusion but offers a lot more. Toyota is collaborating with Aisin Chemical Company and the Cataler Corporation in the air purification coating project in the “LQ’ concept car.


The concept car offers absolute safety to its occupant through lane warning system, inflatable air bladders & many more

According to a recent release from Toyota, it claims:

"a newly developed catalyst coating that decomposes ozone into oxygen on the radiator fan, allowing ozone near the ground surface, a cause of photochemical smog, to be decomposed as the vehicle moves,"

The LQ vehicle will come with the capacity to accommodate 4 people comfortably and offers an electric driving range of 300 km (184 miles). We are sure that this vehicle falls within the Concept-I of the next generation, which will make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in understanding its pattern of driving. It is set to be actively utilized at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics that will take place next year.

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How does Toyota AI work in the LQ concept model?

Toyota with the use of illustration has taken us on a journey on how this Yui technology works, hereby recognizing the sweat and efforts put into the development of this by roughly 400 engineers and more than 20,000 parts.


'Yui' will make use of the roof and floor mats to converse with the passengers and meet their preference

  • Based on the physical and emotional state of the driver, the agent Yuri changes the settings in the car.
  • Yui converses with the person behind the wheel via interactive voice communication, in-vehicle lights, in-seat functions, human-machine interaction and fragrance-emitting.
  • The technology will help the driver choose the right music to play depending on the driving environment, changing the interior illuminations and setting a seat relaxing functions.
  • Agent Yui will control the functions of the seat via air conditioning system and air bladders that are fitted within the seats. The purpose of this is to make the driver feel relaxed or keep him or her awake while on the road.
  • In a case whereby the driver is experiencing fatigue, the Yui will easily detect this and inflate the seat to ensure the driver sits up in a straightened position and also pump cool air from the ventilations system installed in the seats.
  • The LQ will also offer automated driving function that will ensure an autonomous driving valet parking system. By implication, the car will park itself after dropping the driver off.
  • The Augmented Reality HUDs will make use of the AR in expanding displayed information, hereby making it easy for the driver to see information such as GPS and lane warning semi-transparently on the windshield.
  • The floor and the roof mats will be used as interactive platform between the occupants and the vehicle. Agent Yui can decide to alter the colour display, showing when the vehicle is in manual or automatic driving mode.
  • The LQ’s headlights come fitted with Digital Micromirror Device that shows the surface condition of the roads to occupants of the car and people outside.

Toyota LQ concept is self-driving electric hatchback


Toyota LQ concept car with AL Yui has really taken automobile manufacturing into a whole different level, by promoting and understanding the needs of the driver, both physically and emotionally, and taking it into consideration while on the road.

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