The most fuel efficient car on earth: The 2015 Volkswagen XL1 that goes 420km per gallon


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Save money, save the environment are messages behind Volkswagen with the most fuel efficient car.

Volkswagen has won the race to build the most fuel-efficient car, helping their customers save money and protect the environment. Here shows you the images on the pride of Germany carmaker.


The 2015 XL1 Volkswagen: the world’s top fuel-saving automobile!

That’s an ultra-rare 2015 diesel-electric Volkswagen XL1 (VW 1-litre) with two seats. The car astounds people by being among the most fuel-efficient vehicles of the world as go 100km but use under a liter of diesel oil.

The auto manufacturer Volkswagen announces their super product can travel 261 miles (~420km) with only a gallon of diesel, five times less than the energy consumption of an average automobile in the same distance. That means you just need to spend under N1000 for around four liters of diesel fuel to travel from Lagos state to Owerri if owning this car. 

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Inside the XL1 2015 edition highlights two door-mounted cabin screens which feature in the Audi e-Tron family. The two screens function to display live videos received from cameras which are especially attached to two butterfly doors, replacing the rear-view mirrors and avoiding troubles from the mirror thief.


The XL1 2015 features luxury butterfly doors


Cabin screens and door cameras replace the jobs of rearview mirrors

The car uses the diesel plug-in hybrid powered by a 5.5-kilowatt/h lithium-ion battery which can provide an all-electric traveling range of 50 km (~31 miles) and a diesel economy of 0.9 liters every 100 km.


A 5.5-kilowatt/h lithium-ion battery powers the diesel plug-in hybrid

The green car can reach the maximum speed of 100mph (~161kph) and speed up from zero to 60mph (~96.6kph) in 12.7 seconds.

Just 250 of the 2015 XL1 with a cost of £98,515 (N40 million) are produced and they are available for the European market only. So there’s nearly no chance for people to contemplate these vehicles on Nigerian streets.

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