Bugatti Chiron Sports Hypercar “110 Ans” edition revealed at the 110th Bugatti Anniversary


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Fresh and hot, Bugatti finally reveals their Chiron Sports Hypercar “110 Ans” edition at their 110th Bugatti Anniversary. See the details of the car here now!

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Now, it's time for the real news 😊.

Bugatti – the popular French company that makes Hypercars celebrated their 110th anniversary in style as they revealed their breathtaking special edition of our loved Bugatti Chiron Sports car.

This new hypercar apart from being extremely exclusive can also be noticed that it pays tribute to the maker's origin – France.


The all-new Bugatti Chiron Sports “110 Ans” special edition

Below we have quoted the exact words of Stephen Winkelmann who is the Bugatti Automobile S.A.S president:

“With the limited Chiron Sport ‘110 Ans Bugatti’, Bugatti is ushering in the 110th anniversary of its foundation. At the same time, we are underlining our origin and our French roots in Molsheim”

“Molsheim in the Alsace region of France is an essential element in Bugatti’s brand history and this is also where we are planning our future”

Eye-catching things about this special edition hypercar can be named as a diffuser and rear bumper with a carbon-finish of glossy steel blue, as well as the sports car itself coming in a matte steel blue color. Some France tributes on the car include a French racing blue brake calipers, French flag’s tricolor on the side mirror cap with a matte black exhaust.

Image-of-French-Flag’s tricolor-on-Bugatti-Chiron-side-mirror-cap

French flag’s tricolor on the side mirror cap of the Bugatti Chiron sports 110 Ans Edition

Other features of this special edition sports car are “110 Ans Bugatti” inscription on a medallion fixed in the center storage bin, Sports seats (Alcantara blue), leather steering wheel (matte blue), sky view roof, and plenty other featuring of “110 Ans Bugatti” in several other places in the interior.

This Bugatti Chiron Sports “110 Ans” edition is powered by an 8.0L W16 quad-turbo engine which produces a massive 1,479hp and in just 2.6secs it accelerates from 0 to 62mph.

Usually a Chiron Sports would cost at least $1.7 million but a limited edition Sports hypercar can be tagged up to $5.8 million, equivalent to N2.1 billion.

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