The amazing XF58 Ice Princess is a perfect blend of Cadillac and Studebaker


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Partly Cadillac and Studebaker, the XF58 Ice Princess, with a peak output of 400 hp, was one of the best cars to grace the 2020 Chicago Auto Show.

We always hold the belief that every car event will surely witness at least a car that will sweep people in attendance off their feet. Well, such a case isn’t going to end with the 2020 Chicago Auto Show. We might be used to seeing SUVs, Vans, and Trucks at this particular event but things became more exciting with this remarkable car on display. We bet nobody could see this coming.


The XF58 Ice Princess was among the fascinating cars on display at this year's Chicago auto event

Exhibited by Klairmont Kollections, this XF58 Ice Princess was a magnificent sight to behold at the auto car event in the United States. The 6-wheeled oddity is a perfect blend of Cadillac and Studebaker. While its front end gives way to a long flow to meet a double bubble canopy, it is obviously something you have never come across on the road before. The XF58 Ice Princess also comes fitted with massive rear fins and side exiting exhaust pipes.


The XF58 Ice Princess by Richard Fletcher offers out-of-the-world exterior and interior designs

For its inside look, it offers a distinctive and a well-styled interior design, featuring golden seats separated by a V-shaped console, which are joined by red carpeting and retro gauges.

Designed and created by Richard Fletcher, the custom model comes equipped with a Cadillac V8 8.2-liter engine with different outputs over the years. However, we learned it offers a maximum output of 400 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque.

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The Ice Princess XF58 – Richard Fletcher

The Klairmont Kollections is an automotive haven established by Larry Klairmont, a World War II veteran. The owner amassed a fortune from this creation, leading to the acquisition of a remarkable 300 cars in his personal collection.

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