Tesla produces its one millionth electric car, it's the Model Y


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Electric automaker, Tesla, has just produced its one-millionth car dubbed, the Model Y, after launching its first electric car in 2008.

Tesla has just produced its one-millionth electric car, making it the first automaker to achieve the 1 millionth car milestone.


The Model Y is the one-millionth electric car to be produced by Tesla

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, broke the news on Twitter while sharing a picture of their latest EV, the Model Y, surrounded by the team who built it. He congratulated his team members for working so hard to hit the milestone.

He wrote,

Congratulations Tesla team on making our 1,000,000th car.

For an auto company that was launched in 2003, this is a significant moment.

Research done by Naijauto says Tesla unveiled its first consumer electric vehicle dubbed the Roadster in 2008. So, it took the automaker 12 years to build 1 million cars. With their current target, Tesla may achieve even a 2 million mark sooner than expected. The company's January earnings report shows they're optimistic about shipping over 500,000 EVs globally in 2020.

Giant automakers like Toyota and Volkswagen annually produce over 10 million vehicles respectively. Howbeit, Tesla's 1 millionth achievement is considered a huge achievement for a car manufacturer that focuses on the production of electric vehicles.

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Tesla has an incredible team to have achieved the one million electric car feat

The electric automaker was able to hit the mark as it began to build more vehicles outside the US. Late last year, Tesla delivered its first electric cars build at its Shanghai Gigafactory in China and has begun creating space for the company's fourth Gigafactory which will be sited near Berlin, Germany.

Data collated last year revealed Tesla as the largest EV producer after surpassing BYD of China. As of October last year, Tesla had delivered 807,954 electric cars while BYD had delivered 787,150 vehicles till date.

Tesla is looking forward to beginning shipping its newest creation, the Model Y, this month. And it's coming ahead of its estimated date planned before. While at it, Tesla will begin producing its Cybertruck in late 2021.

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