The perfect Tesla Model Y was rolled out by the EV trailblazer!


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The Model Y is a bit more expensive Mode 3, which seems to be a car for all. Click here to know more about the perfect Model Y by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk!

New report reaching us on Naijauto is all about the new electric model introduced by Elon Musk to the Tesla line up. This electrified sport utility SUV is slightly bigger and costlier than the Model 3, which is tagged as the car for all. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk displayed this Model Y recently at the company’s design studio at Hawthorne, Southern California City. The online order for this model has already begun for prospective buyers.

The perfect Tesla - brand new Model Y at N14 million!

The Tesla Model Y, which is of course an electric car, is priced at 39,000 dollars (~N14 million) for 250 miles range. If you are interested in getting the 300 miles range of SUV, you might need to cough out 47,000 dollars (~N17 million) for this long range.

You should expect delivery to commence towards the end of next year for the costlier Model Y cars. Potential buyers of the standard range need to wait a big longer to be able to purchase it. It is expected to be out in 2021. This information was released by Tesla.

The Model Y is a combination of SUV and sports car. The car will be able to accelerate from a standstill (0-60mph) at 3.5 secs. According to Elon Musk, the inner cabin of Model Y is spacious enough to contain 7 people and also features a panorama glass roof. The hot segment for the market for the vehicle is the entry level SUV.

In a statement by the Edmunds executive director of industry analysis, Jessica Caldwell, said:

“Even though the Model Y will debut with promises of grandeur, if there are any chinks in Te “Tesla is about to learn exactly what it means to go head-to-head with the German automakers.”sla’s brand armor, this vehicle will expose them,”

Caldwell further said that Tesla is slated to have a strong and committed fan base, which was made more pronounced when people were rooting and shouting for Elon Musk, at the event last Thursday. The Model Y which is a very attractive SUV will be posing strong competition for other brands of SUVS such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Whatever the SUV they bring into the market, The Model Y will be readily available to challenge them.


Elon Musk's Mode Y by Tesla will be sold for $39,000, which is over 14 million naira

What is the possible turning point?

This latest addition to the lineup, Model Y, came briefly after the very affordable Model 3 was rolled out by the California based company. The Model 3, which is priced at 35,000 dollars is a cheap electric car designed mainly for the masses. You should be seeing this car by next month on the road.

Taking a critical look at that price tag, you would agree that Model 3 is less than half price of most cars manufactured by Tesla, which are on the road. If you also buy this car, you will be eligible for ownership cost reduction through its tax incentives.

Caldwell also said:

If Tesla truly wants to be a mainstream brand, it’s going to have to figure out how to sell cars to people besides young men in California, Caldwell said.

According to Caldwell, due to the presence of enviable number of young people who are also in love with Tesla luxury car, the Model Y is set to be a turning point. You should also know that the Model X has been a favourite among women.

These new vehicles have been a strong indication that the company, Tesla, is ready to triumph over production challenges to increase its production in order to meet up with the demands from many customers. This also implies going toward the vision and effort of Elon Musk to make these electrified vehicles readily and widely available.

Is Tesla Model Y the Perfect Tesla?

The company has taken back its decision on selling most of the cars via online portal. The showrooms will also need to remain open. But prices might be raised to make that possible. The Mode 3 will soon be on sale and consequently close its retail stores for price cutting.

The hike in price will start in March 18 for the higher variants of Tesla Model 3, Model X and Model S.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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