Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV has been set to be released on March 14 by Tesla Motors


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Have you heard that the Model Y Crossover SUV has been finally set to be released on March 14 by Tesla Motors? Read the brief update here now!

While we are still waiting here at Naijauto.com for the first Nigerian that will own a Tesla car, the brand is, however, taking things to the next level by announcing to reveal their Model Y Crossover SUV on the 14th of March, 2019.

Tesla is making efforts to complete its all-new S-3-X-Y car which the naming looks like “SEXY” Lol. They indeed have interesting naming conventions. This new S-3-X-Y car is the Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV.

The renowned all-electric automobile maker – Tesla Motors has initially produced a range of impressive cars which includes their Model X, Model 3, and Model X but now, they have announced that their Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV is set to be unveiled on the 14th of March, 2019 at the brand’s Design Studio situated in Los Angeles, United States.

According to the company’s CEO – Elon Musks, he revealed that the anticipated Model Y Crossover SUV will be bigger in size than the Model 3 sedan which sells around $40,000 (₦14.4 million) and he also mentioned that the new car should have the same battery as the Model 3 sedan but with a slightly less range.

See the original tweet from Elon Musk in which he announced the proposed unveiling;


Elon Musk’s twitter post in which he announced the unveiling date of the Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV

However, this news is actually coming just a few days after the brand had just unveiled it's super anticipated $35,000 (₦12.6 million) Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Motors also interestingly made a significant slash to the price of its Model X and Model S as well as reduced the prices on customers upgrades to its Automated Autopilot driver assistance system.

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