Features of the alien-looking Tesla CyberTruck & its awkward window failure


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The Cybertruck is solid with the image of an alien vehicle planted in our world by some weirdo human. It would be perfect for eccentric car fans without the embarrassing moment when it's premiered. Check details here!

Tesla Cybertruck awkward demo

The Tesla world is a constantly evolving space and is a clear reflection of its founder's musky scent. As you would expect Elon Musk himself did the presentation of the Cybertruck and did a good job too. But oh, there seemed to be a little mishap somewhere along the line, as the window glasses gave way on impact with a steel ball not once but twice and Musk only waved this off with a cheeky laugh and a swanky comment:  "Oooohh, Room for Improvement"

Awkward moment of Elon Musk & Tesla Cybertruck in its demo

Exterior & interior design of Tesla Cybertruck

Besides the window glass shield mishap, the Cybertruck is a solid bargain for the 14 million it would fetch for in the base trim with a single motor drivetrain. The exterior is built with a monochrome ultra-hard cold-rolled stainless steel body that is similar to that used on the SpaceX rocket.

Tesla says this ultra-hard steel is almost impenetrable, providing the highest level of protection to onboard passengers. The steel exoskeleton is an exterior that is built to resist force and dent, while the stainless property of this exterior makes sure it will resist corrosion too. The rear storage section synonymous with pickup trucks is large as it gets, with the sizing of about 100 cubic-ft, comfortably carrying a Tesla CyberQuad. 


The rear storage section has a size of about 100 cubic-ft

On the interior side, the Cybertruck is as good as every other Tesla, with the dash area absolutely bland except for the bohemian steering wheel and 17-inch touch screen. The standard two-row seats look balmy and can seat as much as 6 persons comfortably. 


The two-row seats come as standard and carry 6 passengers

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Power & performance of Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla describes the Cybertruck as a smooth truck with the performance of a sports car. Yes, the performance of the Cybertruck fits this bill as its excellent adaptive air suspension and an intelligent self-balancing system means the Cybertruck will not disappoint when the going gets bumpy and rough.

The three powertrain options, the Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive RWD, Double Motor All-Wheel-Drive and the ultimate Triple Motor All-Wheel-Drive, which has a range of over 500 miles before recharge, spices up the whole package. The Double Motor AWD and Single Motor AWD has a drive range of 300 miles+ and 250 miles+ respectively, with the single motor RWD option clearing the 0-60 mph lap in less than 6.5 seconds while the double and triple motor AWD option clear same speed range in less than (4.5 and 2.9) seconds respectively. 


The Cybertruck can towaway over 14,000 lbs of payload

The Cybertruck, which has an expected delivering date that falls somewhere in 2021, is already raking in the big bucks. Only a few days ago, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla has already received well over 140,000 orders for the Cybertruck even without making any paid endorsements or elaborate advertisement campaigns. We expect this figure to continue to be on the rise and not even the glass shield fail test mishap will stop it.


Cybertruck is a good deal at ₦14 million+

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