Senat L700, Vladimir Putin’s 7-Ton Limo Makes Debut At Geneva Motor Show


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Aurus, was on display at the Geneva motor show with the Luxurious, hi tech and heavily armoured Aurus Senat L700. The car weighs 7 tons in total, click here to see details!

The name Vladimir Putin always ring some certain kind of bells anytime it is mentioned apart from being the No. 1 citizen of Russia a synonymous relationship with luxury is almost always identified with the name Vladimir Putin.

Naijauto thinks there is no need to go into Putin’s wealth as that is a course on its own. But closely in contention for the most talked about aspect of pitons life is his love for cars and grand moving machines.


Aurus Senat L700 is arguably Putin's most cherished Limo!

One his most cherished  (if not the most cherished) car is his armoured Limo - the Luxurious, hi-tech and heavily armoured Aurus Senat L700.

A replica of this which was made by the same company that built Putin’s limo - Aurus, was on display at the Geneva motor show. The design by the Russian automaker - Aurus, saw a bit of a semblance to the Rolls-Royce.


The 7 tonne heavy amoured Senat L700 design has a semblance to Rolls-Royce!

Vladimir's version of the Senat L700 Limo has obviously been tweaked and secured with hi-tech far more than it was displayed at the Geneva motor show. But One displayed for the road can hold its own any day.

This bold and bulky tonne of luxury - the Senat limousine L700 was revealed by Aurus at their stand giving two options. The first option is the armoured version weighs 7 tonnes (7,000 kg) while the unarmoured option weighs less.

This 6.63m long with a wheelbase of 4.3m definitely pales the Rolls-Royce Phantom's extended wheelbase.


The interiors of this luxury Limo is definitely one to die for!

It is reported to come in a whopping 600 horsepower and has an automatic transmission. This is according to Franz Gerhard Hilgert the CEO of LLC Aurus.

With executives of the company planning a to begin its sales earliest next year or latest by 2021 in Europe, its pricing is yet to be announced but it is planned for April 2019.

So if  Vladimir Putin’s style catches your fancy here is your chance to go for it. With the new Senat L700 Limo from Aurus, you sure are going to be driving like the Russian prince.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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