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If you're yet to know about the new high-end luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquility, this article is the perfect stop!

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show which took place in March, witnessed the unveiling of Rolls Royce full current product portfolio for the first time on an international stage. Alongside the two powerful visions of Black Badge and a highly Bespoke Dawn, the marque presented one of an extraordinary collection of 25 Phantoms, the Phantom Tranquility.

Phantom Tranquility

According to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Press Club, the Tranquility was named this way "to celebrate the feeling of euphoric tranquility one achieves within the car." The unique design is bent on quenching your taste for a luxury experience in outer space.

The cabin

Inspired by space exploration, the interiors are laid out with an explicit choice of sumptuous materials like stainless steel, 24-karat gold plating, and space-grade aluminum. Furthermore, the center dash panel design is inspired by the X-Ray coded aperture masks used on the Skylark space rocket, a British sounding rocket design.



The Tranquility Cabin is inspired by the light and dark sides of the Moon

As you can see, the interior gives us a striking feel of the light and dark sides of the Moon. According to Rolls-Royce,

the interior colorway of Arctic White or Selby Grey leather integrates unique veneer combinations of gloss and satin, both with an exclusive metallic effect.”

The music system volume controller

Who could have thought that any car would feature particles from a meteorite? Living up to its inspiration, the marque exceeded our expectation by incorporating meteorite within the Volume Controller, which is a unique first for Rolls-Royce. The remarkable space-like feature is further enhanced “with a polished gold grip that matches the gold finish in the Collection Gallery”.

Wondering which meteorite was featured? It’s the authentic Muonionalusta meteorite, which fell to earth in Kiruna, Sweden in 1906. The volume controller is also engraved with the detailed location and date of discovery of the meteorite.

Now you see how only 25 units of this special edition model will be made, a subtle hint at its exclusivity.


 The music system's volume controller features particles from a meteorite

More so, the Bespoke Audio Speaker Frets are finished in yellow gold, which compliments the other gold elements that are featured throughout the car. Driving home the outer space theme, these unique elements are inspired by the historic NASA “Voyager” satellites that carried two gold records with sounds and images into space.

History has it that the gold records portrayed the diversity of life and culture on Earth, particularly designed for any intelligent extra-terrestrial life that might find them.

We can’t help but adore the deluxe details that have been invested in the design of the Phantom Tranquility, what could be more detailed than this?


Designed with 24-karat gold plating and space grade aluminum

The exterior

Rolls-Royce focused on a more exclusive interior, the exterior of the Tranquility gently follows the design of the eight-gen Phantom. There’s however a noticeable tweak on this Phantom, which is the integrated Parthenon grille, which can also be found on the Wraith and Black Ghost.

2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquility

The Tranquility exterior features the Parthenon grille

If Rolls-Royce doesn’t carry anything spectacular at all, you can be certain that the engineered titanium Spirit of Ecstasy with yellow gold accents can never be sidelined.

2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquility

The engineered titanium Spirit of Ecstasy

How much does it cost?

Well, the price of the Phantom Tranquility isn’t very certain. Considering all the explicit “Gold” work that is featured and the fact that it’s a super high-end car, you can expect to roll out plenty of millions to get it in your garage.

However, a bone-stock Phantom costs $452,750 (₦163,098,660), the Phantom Tranquility will definitely cost much more!

If you have a knack for acquiring one of the rarest and most desired objects in the luxury world, and to enjoy a different kind of silence from outer space, you’re one step closer with the Phantom Tranquility. Although the cost seems crazy, luxury isn’t for the faint-hearted after all - as Rolls-Royce states, the new releases are “each informed by the taste patterns of a younger, more assertive breed of entrepreneur drawn to the brand”.

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