Check out the stunning Renault Morphoz debuted as a shape-shifting future electric crossover


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The Renault Morphoz is one-of-a-kind electric shape-shifting model blending coupe, saloon and SUV, all in one stunning piece. See pictures!

If you are very eager to know the kinds of hot wheels that will take to the roads in the future, you might as well take a look at this futuristic model right here. Since the 2020 Geneva Auto Show has been canceled due to fears of coronavirus, Renault isn’t taking any chance but to lift the veil off this Morphoz concept.


Renault has gone ahead to unveil its stunning shape-shifting concept despite the cancellation of Geneva Auto Show

Renault believes this new concept model, dubbed "Morphoz" is a mixture of a coupe, saloon, and SUV in a distinctively optimized model for ease and efficiency. Morphoz is set to be a shape-shifting crossover vision with Artificial Intelligence (A1), electric powertrain based on CMF-EV platform, 5G onboard connectivity and Level 3 autonomy.


The Renault Morphoz is a perfect blend of Saloon, SUV and Coupe in one model

What will shock you most about this concept lies in its capability to technologically and physically adapt between 2 modes depending on what the driver needs. No doubt, such a concept hasn’t been witnessed before.


The Renault Morphoz concept gets longer when in Travel model to accommodate more batteries  and roomier cabin

The Renault Morphoz’s design ensures that the batteries are found underneath the rear floor, which permits short bonnet and low center of gravity. By implication, the automaker offers a longer cabin and ability to push the dashboard forward for additional space (more legroom for passengers at the rear). More legroom is also possible due to the absence of a transmission tunnel.

The futuristic Renault Morphoz easily can change into 2 different modes – Shorter City and Longer Travel versions. When you are in the short mode or city mode, the concept car will be 173.20inch (4.40 meters) long and a wheelbase of 107.5-inch (2.73 meters). The automaker offers 40 kWh batteries on it with 249 miles of driving range. We believe this should be more than enough for urban and sub-urban use on a daily basis.


Its interior design offers steering wheel from the future, face-to-face seating arrangement and other exciting features

For the Travel or long trip model, The Renault Morphoz offers a length of 189 inches (4.80 meters) and a wheelbase of 115-3 inches (2.93 meters). This gives enough space for more battery capacity and larger interior space. The vehicle in this mode can get a 90 kWh Travel Extender battery pack with as much as 435 miles of driving range.

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From what we gathered, at a pre-determined battery station where extra batteries can be installed in the vehicle’s under-tray in seconds, the electric shape-shifting concept extends and converts easily to Travel mode. The person behind the wheel can revert to the City mode by taking a quick stop at another station and returning the additional batteries.


The Renault Morphoz will reportedly utilize the batteries smartly with the aid of Artificial Intelligence

For its exterior design and styling, Morphoz is an embodiment of the Family Petal design strategy of the brand and what we should expect in the coming years from its electric models. Its bodywork is a blend of Electric Yellow Details and Ivory Gold metallic finish, which is way different from the gloss black design found on the inside.

The Renault Morphoz will also feature future EVs signatory C-Shape light, closed-off radiator grille, backlit badge, 2 vents placed on the bonnet to cool its main computers clustered around powertrain, and active air inlets fitted on the front bumper.

Renault MORPHOZ - 2020 concept I Renault Group

The interior look will offer a future-based steering wheel and a center display screen of 10.2 inches, showing basic driving and safety info. The interior permits face-to-face seating arrangement and a highly configurable dashboard.

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