PAN resumes the production of their Peugeot Pickup after a 14 years break


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The last time we saw a Peugeot Pickup hit the market was 14 years ago. Surprisingly, PAN has now decided to get back to production. Read all about it here now!

Fourteen (14) years ago was when we saw the last edition of PAN Nigeria’s Peugeot pickup truck. Just as many Peugeot fans have been waiting, has also been caught up in this long wait until we got the good news recently. The Nigeria-affiliate (PAN Nigeria) of this French auto brand has just got everyone by surprise as they hit the Nigerian auto market with newly produced Peugeot pickup model. This new model is being rolled out from the PAN Nigeria’s assembly plant.

The company had started the production of these pickup trucks sometimes in 1956. They began with the model called Peugeot 403 Camionnette-Bâchée, then in 1967, they rolled out the Peugeot 404 Camionnette-Bâchée. And they later went on to produce the Peugeot 504 which had succeeded the Peugeot 404 until the year 2005 which was the last year since PAN Nigeria Limited came out with any pickup truck.

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The Peugeot Pickup trucks have been adopted by Nigerian industries and large organizations till date for transport

The newly rolled out pickup model comes with impressive roominess and it looks well equipped to deliver robustness as well as endurance as expected. It features a huge ground clearance (210mm-215mm), a horizontal bonnet, a vertical front, a belt line (high body). This new model has a Load zone with a bed that is 1.39m wide and 1.40m long which is also equipped on the outside with anchoring hooks. This new pickup model comes with much robustness and rigidity as the protective resin has been used to completely cover its rear panel and side walls. It is aimed at an 815kg maximum payload limit.

This new pickup has been adapted to the core market needs with its performance drivetrain which is a longitudinal 2.5L turbo diesel engine that develops 280Nm and 115bhp. It is then combined with a 5-speed gearbox and it is made available in 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 versions. According to the PAN Nigeria firm, a special kind of lever is to be used in engaging the 4 x 4 version to transmit some power to the drivetrain at the front.


The new Peugeot Pickup features a high-performance drivetrain combined with a 5-speed gearbox

The new vehicle’s 4 x 4 version is said to have now equipped the truck with much versatility and ease of use in almost every weather condition as well as all terrains possible. A section of the PAN Nigeria’s report on this new pickup truck reads thus;

 “This allows the driver to make a selection where needed, whether in normal 4×4 4H (4 High) mode or in the 4L (4 Low) mode at short speeds. Thanks to a reducer, extra torque can be applied at very slow speeds to maneuver out of the most extreme driving situations,”

Some notable internal features in the new Peugeot pickup truck includes; USB port, a CD player with FM radio, electric windows, and manual air-conditioning system. Another section of the PAN Nigeria’s report on this new pickup truck also reads thus;

“For safety and ease of driving, the new Peugeot pickup is equipped as standard with an ABS braking system with brakeforce distribution, rear parking aids, passenger and driver airbags, plus electrically adjustable exterior mirrors”

You might want to check out the video below that features the 2017 Peugeot Pickup which is similar to the new pickup truck that PAN Nigeria just rolled out. Here is the video:


Peugeot Pick Up (2017) Simple and Robust

As of the moment, we can’t really conclude that PAN Nigeria will keep rolling out new Peugeot Pickup trucks after this recent one because they do not have any official reports that states such. But we are hopeful that they wouldn’t go on another 14years break like they did the last time.

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