Newbie off-roader Lance Camper Altimeter gives overlanding seniors goosebumps


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Such senior off-road vehicles as Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma can last days at any altitude without developing any fault but the newbie Lance Camper Altimeter gives them a good run for their money. Check its specs and compare to other veteran models below!

A lot of fascinating models have been showcased at this year’s SEMA Show, especially many overlanding models, which one of them is the remarkable Lance Camper Altimeter that caught a lot of eyes at the auto event.


The Camper Altimeter embraces the powerful 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck and Lance Camper truck

1. What make the Lance Camper Altimeter so powerful?

The Altimeter project is a perfect blend of 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck and Lance Camper 855S Truck, which is attached perfectly to it. The automaker has designed this 4-season adventure for any kind of terrain or altitude. It has been impressively modified for overland travel and off-road adventure.

The Lance Camper Altimeter is no doubt a house on the wheel, and comes equipped with side by side Yamaha YXZ 1000RSS. The room in the Lance Camper 855S can comfortably accommodate 4 people with a dinette slide out.


The Lance Camper has been modified to give the occupants worthwhile overland and off-road experience

Since it is a super duty adventurous truck, it comes fitted with a potent V8 Powerstroke 6.7-liter diesel engine and a 4-wheel capability. The manufacturer also added ICON Vehicle Dynamic Stage 5 suspension system for a better off-road trip from its 2.5-inch lift off the ground.

The sway bars at the front and rear of the truck were supplied by Hellwig Products, which enables better weight control of the truck camper. The air springs were added to stabilize the height even when towing additional weight such as Yamaha YXZ 1000RS.


It offers an impressive ground clearance for any kind of altitude 

Other stunning modified features in this overland and off-road adventure super duty truck include:

  • Rotopax water and fuel storage
  • Warn Ascent front bumper
  • Zeon 12S Platinum winch
  • Auxiliary LED lighting on the front bumper and under the hood.

The Lance Altimeter - Adventure At Any Altitude

Lance Camper Altimeter also offers DryRack by Malo’o for wetsuits/swimsuits, Maglight rechargeable flashlight, 3 100Ah Deep Cycle batteries, camper speakers, UTV and charging accessories.

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2. What is an overlanding vehicle?

The term ‘overlanding vehicle’ means those vehicles capable of embarking on self-reliant adventure to remote destinations where the trip is its main goal. Overlanding vehicles are multi-functional by nature by performing many roles at the same time. It can be useful for urban off-roading as well as trail running. In simple terms, it performs functions that typical vehicles may not be capable to render.

Literally, best way to identify solid overland vehicles lies in the handful of things they can perform. Overland vehicle is expected to be equipped with enough power to work on its own effectively and tow an extra weight when needed. A typical overland vehicle should be able to work for days without fear of sudden breakdown while offering decent fuel economy. So, it isn’t necessarily fitted with high-horsepower engine as long as its engine is good enough for its day to day activities.

3. Best overlanding vehicles/ off-roaders for Naija drivers

Like earlier mentioned, the vehicle used for this purpose must possess some certain functions that may not be offered by most models out there. However, for the purpose of clarity, a lot of models can be used as overland vehicle. We will therefore list some of the models that can be used for this purpose.

  • Jeep Wrangler JL

One of the best models out there you can use as overland vehicle is the 4-door Jeep Wrangler JL. This is as a result of its additional gear holding capability and extra egress/ingress options. The fact that the model is an excellent off-road vehicle makes it a perfect candidate for overlanding. You can opt for the more recent versions since they offer better fuel efficiency.


Jeep Wrangler's surreal off-road capabilities, making it one of the most sought after models for overland adventure

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

The jeep Grand Cherokee model used as overland vehicle offers some premium features that set it aside as a suitable model. It features quality drive for most popular SUVs on its equipped 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. Jeep Grand Cherokee overland may not be the ultimate overlanding machine like the Jeep Gladiator but it comes fitted with solid body structure and other impressive overlanding qualities.


Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a remarkable towing capability and good ground clearance for long trip on any terrain

  • Land Rover Discovery SVX

You need to think twice if you still believe Land Rover is threading softly. The new Discovery SVX is a special model that fits in perfectly as overland vehicle. It comes equipped with V8 Supercharged engine with an output of 525 horsepower. It features locking rear differentials, improved departure and approach angles, and high sidewall (tires) for mud slogging.

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Land Rover is one of the best car manufacturers of off-road vehicle and this disco SVX shouldn't be an exception

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