Nigerians react to the viral video of Nord Tank, a new locally-built vehicle


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Nigerians have taken to social media to show their reactions towards the trending video of Nord Tank, the new locally-built vehicle specially for Nigerians.

A lot of people are beginning to come in term with reality as to what lies ahead for us all in the nearest future. Innoson is not going to be the only indigenous automaker that will be producing made-in-Nigeria cars in the country. From the latest report, another local automaker has come into the picture, and the newly released video of its product has taken the country by storm.


The new Nord Ford is manufactured locally, specially for Nigerians

From the video, we could see the first model we were teased with by Nordmotion company is a pickup truck. If you do not look close enough, you might mistake it for a Ford F-150 Raptor. Its body aesthetic is remarkable and it sure looks strong enough for the different types of terrain. Other products from this indigenous carmaker include Nord Flit (bus), Nord Max (truck), Nord A3 (sedan) and Nord A5 (SUV).

The new model according to Ajayi Oluwatobi, founder and CEO of the new indigenous car company, will be known as Nord Tank. He disclosed recently in his tweet that this automotive product was made solely for Nigerians. We were able to have a walkaround view of its outside look from this trending video. The Nord Tank’s exterior looks finished in blue and wile paintjob, with a silver steel insignia.

The video of the locally-built Nord Tank has brought out lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media. One common thing we could sight from various comment is the issue of price. Nigerians are eager to know if the vehicle will be affordable to the average citizens. This issue of affordability is one area Innoson motor has been having issue in recent time. No doubt, people marveled at its beautiful and intimidating look.

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One Twitter user @Ousteeen said:

Saw this Truck parked in front of Oando fuel station, Sangotedo Ajah, on saturday with my bro... We both marveled at the beauty and its very strong durable looks... Didn't know it was made in Naija for Nigerians.

@inimichaels commented:

Trust this to NORD Nigerian potholes

@OduObodumu said:

Aug 19May God bless you, give you more wisdom and ability, to contribute to making Nigeria great. Our population is d market not govt with seasonal purchases. Thanks


It looks good but is it affordable for the average Nigerians? No average Nigerian will want to spend 6 to 8Million on a made in Nigerian Car; they will rather drive a Tokubo car that is foreign brand. That's the true situation in our nation.

We believe the growth of the local auto industry will surely help the Nigerian economy, while providing more jobs for the citizens.

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