Nigerian builds luxury car with carbon fiber body!


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We have not only Innoson with affordable vehicles, now we have luxury, carbon fiber car - made in Nigeria!


Carbon Fibre is extensively utilized in manufacturing the Bennie Purrie's Body

A 25 year old Nigerian Entrepreneur and CEO of Bennie Agro & Automobile Technology Ltd, Jerry Isaac Mallo from the North Central State of Plateau has successfully designed and assembled a unique sports car. 

The young talent who recently returned to Nigeria after completing his Scholarship at Hertfordshire University in the UK, abandoned a good paying student job in the UK to pursue his dream in his home country.

The young engineer designed and built the car at his low key workshop in Jos and purportedly utilized carbon fiber sheets in doing this. Isaac who has never hidden his passion for automobile fabrication, has before now succeeded in fabricating and assembling a tractor and various other agro-related machinery using locally sourced materials.


Jerry's milestone project, nicknamed the Bennie Purrie was launched at a lavish state event which had the Plateau state Governor as its Special Guest and Chief Host. Jerry thanked the Plateau State Government for the support they have offered his Company which he said has been a lot more in the area of publicity and media rounds. Acknowledging Jerry Mallo's feat, the Plateau State Government dropped the following tweet:

Review of the Bennie Purrie

Isaac Mallo says Carbon Fibre was extensively used in the manufacturing of the car's body. He believes this material along with airbags will greatly reduce injury to passengers by up to 90% in the event of a high impact crash.

Tubular chassis is also utilized in the design of the car to increase the car's strength and ruggedness, thus making it especially suitable for Nigerian roads. The Tubular Chassis was also preferred to other chassis types due to the greater flexibility. It allows to put metal only where it is needed to deal with certain loading and stresses, effectively making make sure the Bennie Purrie's weight ratio remains on the lower side.


4 Heat Radiators are utilized in building the Bennie Purrie to ensure efficient cooling

According to Isaac Mallo, the car comes with a 2.0 liter engine that generates a good 130 hp and does the 0-60 mph lap in about 12 seconds. These numbers may not appear super impressive, but according to Mallo this is still a prototype model and is still under research development. He says that full production models of the Bennie Purrie should be ready by 2021 when all the grey areas will have been taken care of.

Naijauto's take of the Bennie Purrie

We see this as a huge step for the Nigeria Auto Industry going forward. Though the Bennie Purrie is still crude, with several areas to improve on, we expect the Bennie Purrie to only get better. Obviously, Bennie Agro & Automobile Technology Ltd were chiefly in charge of the development design and fabrication of the Bennie Purrie's Body, but we suspect that most component parts of the car were bought or outsourced. Still, this is an impressive achievement for the young engineer and his team especially for the aesthetics of the exterior design.

We believe efforts like this and that of Innosons Motors will greatly improve Nigeria's technology drive. Areas like Engine Block Production, Transmission design and Production, Leather Production, Interior Crafting, Painting and Blasting Tech etc done locally, provides areas where local industries and expertise can be developed and domiciled in the country. It is about time we get our Steel industry up and working.

Jerry Mallo's Full Interview with Channels TV 

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