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Porsche is planning to release an all electric next generation Macan SUV that will take over the market in the next decade. Check here for more gist!

This is quite a surprise to us right here on Naijauto that Porsche has decided to finally stun its customers by releasing new generation first road car among several others to work solely on electricity. This is no other car than the Macan Sport Utility vehicle (SUV). This statement was made to the public by the German manufacturer.

In another statement by Public Relations, Porsche Middle East and Africa, Anja Wood made it known that the Macan, which will be all electric is going soon into production and may be launched within the next few years.

The Macan itself has a strong reputation for being the highest selling car by Porsche. The popular Porsche brand in 2018 sold up to ninety thousand units. This definitely put it ahead of other Porsche brands such as Cayenne SUV and the Panamera sedan.


This next generation all-electric Macan is likely going into production in the 2020s

We just got a hint that the Macan EV will take the 3rd position in the Porsche electric series. The last version of Porsche E concept, Taycan sedan will begin its production towards the close of year 2019. Subsequently, Taycan cross version, Cross Turismo will go into production later in 2020.

There is regrettably little information about this all-electric Macan. But what is certain is this; it is likely going to share similar charging system of 800 volts with Taycan and Cross Turismo. This is indeed a fast charge with just 15 minutes for an incredible 250 miles in range.

Macan regardless of its reputation as the hottest selling Porsche car is done with gasoline or hybrid version. Next generation Macan is going to be fully electric. This will also take effect in other cars produced by Porsche later in the future through electric propulsion technology.

This latest development means the company is ready to invest six billion dollars into this change of technology by year 2022. The technology shift will be fully operational in 2025. In a statement by Porsche chairman, Oliver Blume, in the next ten years, the company will also concentrate on varieties such an optimized gasoline engine, full electric operated vehicle and plug-in hybrid cars.

UPDATED: Porsche Macan Electric: Going After Tesla Model Y?

Whether it is a still a rumour or not, what we know is that by the next decade, we should all expect the all-electric Macan to be full operation and active on the roads across the planet.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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