Revealed! New Lister Jaguar F-Type droptop beast


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The LFT-C is amazing open-top model of Jaguar with just eleven pieces set to be produced. it is really a rare edition. Click here for more info!

This car built with a 666 horsepower is the most powerful manufactured convertible by the company. It was dubbed as the “beast” immediately after the launch of LFT-666. This Lister got many requests from fans asking the company to produce Jaguar F-Type open-topped version, which could turn on to eleven.

The company is totally committed to its customer satisfaction and happiness. This led to the breaking out of the angle grinder and creation of the LFT-C. This car has created a landmark for itself as the British automaker’s strongest open-top exotic car.  The car generates its power from the v8 engine of 666 horsepower. It runs at a speed of 100 kilometer per hour (62 mph) in just 3 secs. It reaches its speed peak at 330 kilometer per hour (205mph).

What you should also expect with this amazing car is varieties of carbon fiber front bumper that is unique to every model. Other unique features include front splitter, rear lip spoiler, rear diffuser and rear wheel arches (extended). The common features in all products include alloy wheels (light weighted), suspension, exhaust and an effective braking system as found with the hard-top LFT-666. On the exterior, it’s going to be hand-stitched bespoke interior design.

image-of jaguar-f-type

It offers customers variety of unique and distinctive carbon fiber front bumper

It is now clear to us that Jaguar is going fully into customized exotic car in satisfying differences in preference. Each of the manufactured cars will be hand-designed to the specification and need of each and every potential buyer. Whether it is paint work, wheel design or even the interior trim, Jaguar is giving you a big say in this luxury car.


Jaguar is giving customers the opportunity to customize their cars to their taste

Launching the new LFT-C is a personal triumph, as I have always loved convertible cars, even since my 2nd car, an MG Midget,"said Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of The Lister Motor Company. "While we are famous for cars like the Knobbly and the Storm, the LFT series heralds a new era for Lister and continues our historical enhancement of Jaguar drive trains, which dates back to 1957.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible rally car video debut

In 2019, we will see the launch of at least two new cars and have also just opened our new £5m headquarters in Lancashire that will be known as the home of the new Lister. There is lots more to come, and we look forward to sharing more news in the near future.

New LFT-C is going to be a limited edition with plan to produce just 10 units. Each of the ten cars will have a solid silver numbered plaque on the cover of the engine indicating its rarity. The previous version, LFT-666 had more production which was up to 99 units. Ultimately few roads will witness the incredible driving experience of this car.

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