The new Bentley GT Convertible by Mulliner is pure luxury with 400,000 interior stitches


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Mulliner division of Bentley has offered a new Continental GT Convertible with almost 400,000 inside stitches and other mouthwatering features.

The Mulliner division of the British luxury marque, Bentley, has reportedly made an exciting revelation on the new luxury flagship of the range, which is the Continental GT Convertible.


The new Continental GT Convertible by Mulliner offers a more luxurious version of what has been witnessed before in the range

Bentley, over the years, has created an intimidating reputation for itself, which is owing to its standalone class in paying attention to detail in the production line. One exciting way to appeal to its global customers is by making a super-luxury version of the fascinating Bentley GT Convertible versions we are used to.

For it to be unique, the automaker has offered matching bespoke side vents and distinctive Double Diamond front grille, which are finished in either black or silver. This is obviously what you will not see on lesser versions.


Bentley offers some delightful features on its exterior look such as the massive wheels and Double Diamond front grille

Bentley is complementing the exterior design of this new GT Convertible with an all-new set of 22-inch ten-spoke polished and painted wheels. The Bentley badge on the wheels will be kept consistently leveled with the ground by the fitted floating center caps.

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We expect the new theme of Double Diamond to continue with subsequent Bentley models, with interior looks offering one-of-a-kind Diamond-Diamond design on the door cards, four seats and rear quarters. Bentley will also feature this design for the first time on the tonneau cover.


The interior design of this Mulliner's new GT Convertible is one-of-a-kind with almost 400,000 stitches 

According to Mulliner, the new Continental GT Convertible will offer up to 400,000 stitches in its interior, with every aligned diamond set to comprise 712 stitches. From what we learned, it took them 18 months to develop the embroidery process.

Potential buyers will be afforded the chance to select between 8 customized 3-color combos for the handcrafted cabin of the new Conti GT Convertible. The brand new diamond milled technical finish will be offered on the center console, to be accompanied by brushed silver Breitling timepiece. The inside ambiance will include 7 varying themes for the illuminated Mulliner thread plates, mood lighting, and a premium Naim 18-speaker audio system.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible 2020

Bentley will offer V8 and W12 powertrains on the new Continental GT Convertible. While the latter offers a V8 6.0-liter twin-turbo engine with the capability to accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 60 mph in 3.7 secs and a peak speed of 207 mph, the former on the other hand will come fitted with V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine with a standpoint of zero to 60 mph in 4 secs and a peak speed of 198 mph.

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