Check out the new ₦2.6 760hp DBS GT Zagato Special pairs by Aston Martin


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₦2.6 billion Aston Martin's new 760 GT Zagato is a true definition of perfection and style, set to be offered in pairs at that cost.

Just the way we are experiencing a lot of rainfall this year, we have also been blessed with a series of astonishing models from several auto brands across the planet. is always excited to share with you new innovations in the auto industry.


The British luxury marque has a pedigree for creation of gorgeous and astonishing designs, with a lot of power under its hood

The DBS GT Zagato by Aston Martin, a modern twin to DB4 Zagato Continuation, is another special edition model to look out for this year.

The British automaker will present these two similar models – DBZ Centenary Collection – as pairs to only nineteen car collectors for a whopping price of £6 million (₦2.6b).

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The new upgraded 760hp DBS GT Zagato version offers a very rare Supernova Red paired with other jaw-dropping color finish

The latest DBS GT Zagato comes equipped with a 5.2-liter Superleggera’s V12 twin-turbo engine with an upgraded output of 760 horsepower. It comes finished with a rare Supernova red color paired with an exposed carbon fiber accents, spicy red leather cabin design and gold-black 3D machined wheels.


The Aston Martin's DBS GT Zagato was introduced at the Audrian's Newport Concours as the new replacement for DB4 GT Zagato

We surely can’t get enough of its gorgeous interior design, as you would find the very 1st automotive use of metal 3D-printed interior comprising central ‘saddle’, which comes finished with Gold Physical Vapour Deposition. It would take the specialists at the company 100 hours to perfectly achieve this kind of lustrous finish on the car.


The new DBS GT Zagato will ride on elegant gold-black 3D machine wheels

You are not only limited to gold as there is options of aluminum and printed carbon for the new DBS GT Zagato’s interior. Customers can also create their unique bespoke part through the help of the automaker’s customization service ‘Q’, by making use of the newest addictive processes. This is indeed a mouthwatering opportunity for buyers who are ready to commission a true bespoke cabin.


The 760 DBS GT Zagato offers a very exquisite, functional and comfortable interior design 

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Just as earlier mentioned, the automaker really performed a remarkable job inside out the DBS GT Zagato. The outside look offers gold anodized side strakes and centre lock wheel nuts, a set of 18-carat gold wing badges, huge active front grille, a rear diffuser and a gloss carbon fiber roof.

The grille just like the metal 3D-printed cabin, is also the first automotive uses of configurative carbon offering one hundred and eight individual diamond-shaped carbon pieces, remaining flush with its bodywork when you park and open the car, and let the air go through when you start up the car.


The Automaker will be a bit choosy as these two cars dubbed 'Centenary Collection' will be offered in pairs to 19 collectors

According to Design House’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Zagato, he said:

“Zagato’s Centenary represents a bridge between the past and the future, strengthened by the shared vision for an innovative approach to collectibles, recently coupled in pairs and twins with the aim to reach new standards of exclusivity in the world.”

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