Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition is an epitome of gold frame delight


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Morgan is ending a 70-year era of pure steel chassis with the limited gold-framed Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition. Click here to see pictures!

Morgan might sound a bit strange to many people since it is not as popular as many auto brands out there, but the company has been around for quite a while now and we hear it is attempting to phase out its long-running steel chassis. The company is planning to celebrate its classic Morgan Plus 4 and 70 years of existence with a new Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition, which will feature a platinum body with a gold frame.


Morgan is celebrating its iconic Morgan 4 Plus with a 70th Anniversary Edition offering a gold frame on its platinum body

The gold frame in the actual sense isn’t real gold as many might think but paintwork of such aesthetics. This will be the very first time such will happen in the company’s illustrious 111-year history. Morgan will offer a gold finish on the steel chassis from the front to the rear, while bright Platinum Metallic finish-work will be offered on the body. This is according to the traditional color for anything celebrating the 70th anniversary. This new model will be offered a motor-sport inspired front clip, set of dark satin gray wire wheel at every corner and contrasting black exterior accents.

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The interior design is a perfect touch and blend of exquisite taste and premium quality materials

For its interior design, the anniversary edition will get distinctive embroidered headrests in a cabin richly filled with leather. The manufacturer has also personally handpicked the special gray carpeting, steering wheel and Ravenwood dash for this edition.


Morgan has been in the business of production of steel chassis for the past 111 years

The engine has also been upgraded and tuned to a new output of 182 horsepower, capable of accelerating from a standstill of zero to 60 mph in an impressive 7 seconds.

Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition Glitters With Gold Frame

The company has also announced that every model will wear an identifiable plaque with numbers, which according to them will be the last ever-built steel-frame by Morgan. 20 examples of these will be built with a starting price of E60,995 ($79,543 or ₦28.7 million). Unfortunately, all the units set to be manufactured have already been booked but there is the opportunity for interested buyers to buy the few available Morgan’s final steel Roaster and Standard Plus 4 models - for their private collection.

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