Meet the special edition Strada (Triton) truck - the 'beyond tough' Mitsubishi


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The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) is set to debut the new and revamped Strada pickup at Bankok motor show, with exciting new features

In about a week from now, the 2019 Bangkok international motor show will be kicking off in Thailand, just at the heels of the just concluded Geneva Motor show 2019. Though the Geneva Motor show 2019 was lit with some of the most advanced auto technology inclusive of electric vehicles and supercars, the Bangkok International motor show promises to be even more exciting.

One of Naijauto's thrilling expectations of the motor show slated to hold from March 25 to April 7 is the much-awaited Mitsubishi Strada (Triton) pickup special edition.

The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) is set to debut the new and revamped Strada pickup at this car show event, with a promise to give the unusual. According to MMC, they have called this version 'Absolutely beyond tough', with a silhouette picture of the car released so as not to reveal too much detail of the changes made.


A silhouette picture that has left everyone guessing the exciting features of the new Strada!

But here is the thing! If the statement of MMC is to be followed, then we are in for the surprise of a lifetime. The automobile manufacturer has said it gave the designers free hand in designing what they feel adequately represent what the Strada brand stands for. According to reports, this might be the most extreme modification so far for the Mitsubishi truck, as quite a number of designers were involved in this one.

But guess we all have to wait to see the modification as the details have not been expressly stated, else we can take guesses at this makeover from the silhouette pictures of the car.

From the picture though, it seems the factory bumper and the two-tier headlight design has not been tampered with, but it also looks like new red skid plates have been introduced. The roof also feels different with a pair of slim LED lights that are comparable to that of the Engelberg Tourer.


The special Strada or Triton may resemble this 2019 Strada

The grills are an all-black affair with the Mitsubishi logo standing out in front of the truck. The tyres also seem to have attained new heights literally, probably new shocks and springs will be thanked for this.

 All these might just be speculations and we may never know the true picture of the makeover done to the truck until we see it in Thailand on March 25.

So Naijauto suggest we just wait and see!

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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