Looking for space and class? Check out the Mercedes V-Class Klassen


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This Mercedes V Class Klassen has proven doubters wrong that space and be combined with luxury. Check here for more info about the new model!

If you have extra money to throw around, you might see Mercedes Benz S-Class as the elegant car around to meet your needs and taste. The problem you might encounter with this car is that it only contains four seats and a chauffeur. If you are having a short business meeting, you might need to book a reservation at a restaurant.

This problem of space has been solved in the Mercedes V-Class. The giant automobile through its ingenuity has devised a way to take away your meeting from inside business room or conference room straight into your minivan. If you are worried if the elegance of S-Class will still be retained in this van, oh yes! The Mercedes V-Class Klassen is still as exotic as ever.


Mercedes has been known for class and such is found in this V-8 Klassen. The company has done a lot of pimp work on this long- wheelbase V-Class. When you open the automatic doors, the first thing you will notice is four-seat covered in a very attractive design.


It's all about business and style on the move

The design and touch of the V-Class Klassen seat are lifted straight from ultimate Mercedes Sedan. It is made of fine leather to give you a feel of comfort. You will also notice the carbon fiber, as another prominent material in Mercedes V-Class Klassen.

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Just with your voice command or IPad, all features remain at your beckon

We haven’t gotten to the best part yet. The minivan is equipped with high-tech adjustable electrical features in the cabin. You can control all these features via an IPad for the third row. These include ambient lightning, massager, extra tables, seat controls, front and rear cameras and drawers. For game lovers, the installed PS4 will send spark of excitement through you.


It is specially built for optimal road performance without interrupting your business meeting

If you are looking for an alternative control for all these features aside the IPad control, the Mercedes V-Class Klassen has an option of voice command. image-of-v-class-dashboard

The excitement doesn't end with the passengers. It begins with the driver

Now if you are thinking of getting the car, it is only sold upon request via the company official website.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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