The luxury Mercedes Brabus 12-cylinder off-roader is 4 times costlier than a G63


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The 900 hp Brabus is not only a speed monster off-roader but also the most powerful 12-cylinder model on the planet. Click here to see why it costs that price!

The German auto tuner BRABUS is the company that manufactures the new limited-edition Mercedes-AMG G63-based BRABUS G V12 900, set to be the most powerful 12-cylinder off-roader on the planet. This new model is just "one out of ten" supercar, unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.


The world's most powerful 12-cylinder Brabus was recently unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show

The scintillating off-roader comes fitted with a stunning Brabus wide body kit, Alcantara and leather interiors, new front fasia, 23 or 24-inch Brabus wheels inside 355/25 tyres, which is double the size of what you will find on G550.


The powerful off-roader comes fitted with 23 or 24-inch wheels wrapped in 355/25 tyres

The new model comes equipped with a V12 Mercedes-Maybach S600-sourced engine with a generative output of 900 horsepower and stunning 1,106 pound feet of torque, stroked after being bored from 6.0 to 6.3 liters. Its 9-speed automatic transmission sends power to all the 4 wheels, which could be more accurately shifted with the paddle shifter on the steering wheels known as BRABUS RACE.

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The new limited-edition V12 Brabus offers a very spacious and elegant interior, with enough legroom and headroom

The world’s most powerful 12-cylinder off-roaders has the capability to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62 mph in a remarkable 3.8 secs and a peak speed of 174 mph, which is quicker by 0.64 secs and faster by 25 mph than the present Mercedes-AMG G63.


It comes fitted with an engine capable of producing a remarkable 900 hp, making it a remarkably fast supercar

Only ten examples of this model will be created, with each copy being badged and numbered. To get one, you would be asked to cough out as much as ₦242 million ($668,00), which doesn’t include shipping and clearing cost of getting it delivered to you in Nigeria.

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