Mercedes-Benz presents its futuristic Le Mans Concept prototype: the Vision Mantilla


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World famous endurance champion Le Mans from Mercedes has released the prototype for its futuristic Concept named Vision Mantilla. See its unrivaled speed and design!

World acclaimed endurance race champion, Le Mans, has a new kid on the block, Mercedes-Benz Vision Mantilla Concept, set to displace the LMP1. If you have ever wondered what the highly placed endurance racing would look like come 2040, this ride conceptualized by a Behance designer will take you many years into the future with a glimpse.


The Vision Mantilla is said to be Le Mans' best concept yet

The Vision Mantilla from Mercedes has the capacity to support a complete electric powertrain, along with a very sleek body design that waters down the aesthetics of other endurance models.

The racer is not your average car in length; it is extra long. It boasts of a large overhang in the rear and an empty decklid. Such features enhance the car’s aerodynamics, and boost its speed way up. Prototypes such as the Bugatti Chiron and McLaren Speedtail are evident of the importance of stretched rears in creating high speed in cars.

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vision-mantilla-concept 2

Other endurance racers are no match for its top speed

Upon a closer look, there is no sign of a cockpit for a driver. This gives the impression that the Concept is toeing the driverless line, and will not need human input to be driven. The blurred lines in the Roborace championship’s future raise uncertainties about the ability of driverless racing to grab the attention of fans.

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The Vision Mantilla Concept will not need a driver; it will be driving itself.

The designer did an amazing job touching up the front with silver and half of the rear with a deep blue shade – this is icing on the cake for its classy outlook.

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