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We've seen a Mercedes-Benz branded sewing machine, a luxury Bicycle shouldn't be a surprise. If you haven't seen the Mercedes Benz bicycle, here's your chance!

High-end automakers have been known to collaborate with top bike brands and whenever they do, the result is usually exquisite. Just like a few other automakers (Aston Martin, McLaren, Lamborghini, and Jaguar) that have dabbled in road bike design, Mercedes Benz has joined the league.

Earlier in 2015, the Mercedes-AMG partnered with Rotwild, a German bicycle manufacturer – both brands designed a mountain bike which was called the Rotwild GT S.

What we have now is a road bike, joining forces with the Canadian specialist high-end road manufacturers, Argon 18 – the new edition is called the Mercedes-Benz Style Endurance Bike.

Mercedes-Benz-and-Argon-18 Bicycle

Mercedes-Benz Style.

Every single vehicle designed by Mercedes-Benz comes with exceptional standards, it’s only normal to not expect anything less with the bicycle. For all those times you don’t want to drive or be driven, you need to ride not just any bicycle, but one with comfortable cycling experience and unbeatable elegance.

 “The bike blends perfectly with our design philosophy of Sensual Purity. This expresses itself in the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence. The intricately designed carbon frame in conjunction with the typical Mercedes-Benz color scheme, provides dynamics even while standing still, thus ensuring an emotional connection. Perfectly integrated technical components and fascinating functions represent the high competence of our new partner.”

Martin Bremer, Senior Manager, Design Creation Brand Experience.

The two brands collaborated with FSA (Full Speed Ahead), to utilize sophisticated fabric and high-end components in the design.  It features a silver-black gradient on the struts and saddle, along with a silver-colored frame.

Let’s not forget the exceptionally-shaped fork was designed for optimal control and to absorb vibration.

Exotic bike lovers are offered two variants of the Endurance Bike - the Ultegra Di2 featuring electronic shifting with FSA Trimax 40 Carbon wheels and the Ultegra group with Trimax 30 wheels.

The first option comes with an integrated rechargeable battery with a charge-level indicator. High-tech hydraulic brakes are featured on both variants as standard equipment.

Lastly, each option can be ordered in 6 various sizes, peculiar to your taste.

Take a look at other exotic pictures of the luxury Bicycle:


Simplicity and purity equals good design.


Driving luxury doesn't end with your CLA, you can retain your standard with a Bicycle.

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