A quick look at Mercedes-Benz A180 2019 – Cheap but powerful model


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2019 Mercedes-Benz A180 is a must buy for those hunting for affordability, elegance, performance and excitement. Click here to see Mercedes-Benz A180 2019 review!

Mercedes-Benz A180 2019 – Absolute pure German representation

If you are on the hunt for the most affordable model in the A-Class lineup of Mercedes-Benz, look no further. Mercedes-Benz A180 2019 is the cheapest you can get in the market for the latest model. The 2019 entry-level model comes with an equipped manual gearbox in a 1.3-liter gasoline using engine.

The most commendable addition is the gearbox as it solves the hesitancy problem accustomed to the highly criticized 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox on the earlier versions of fourth generation A-Class.

The engine in this 2019 A180 offers an output power of 134 horsepower and 148 pound feet of torque, which is the detuned type of A200’s 4-cylinder 1.3-liter turbo engine. It 6-speed manual gearbox drive the front wheels and you could also get the optional A200’s gearbox. We are still expecting the diesel version of this beautiful affordable piece to come out soon.


The Mercedes-Benz A180 is a big steal for its price in terms of exquisite look & excellent performance

The power of 2019 Mercedes-Benz A180

Despite the efforts and impressive designs with the earlier versions with diesel and petrol versions, there was still hesitancy with their automatic gearbox especially at low speeds and step-off. You might be disappointed when on the search for quick acceleration bust, only to get a model without sense of intuitiveness. This has been the setback with those versions.

Fortunately in this new model, it comes equipped with a more drivable manual gearbox. The gearbox present in this version meets your needs on the driveway with a lot of satisfaction.


2019 Mercedes-Benz A180 stylish and upscale cabin- A revolution from within

It promises a well-integrated and slick shifting and finally, no more automatic hesitancy. This is a very impressive effort from Mercedes.

There are lots to love about this engine. First, it doesn’t feel like what it price says. It comes quicker and promises the exact performance you want every day from your car without any form of doubt.


The inclusion of the manual gearbox is a big nod for road performance and lack of acceleration hesitancy

Admittedly, some of the issues with the low-speed ride can’t be solve by this engine and gearbox, even while considering its 16-inch allow wheel with more than sufficient (250/60) sidewall that you would get on the SE version. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A180 features agile and precise handling, pleasing and admirable steering feel and very nice interior design.

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The driving position is perfectly placed and the inner materials are rich and topnotch for its class

When you take a close look at its cabin, you wouldn’t but feel something special about its interior especially for its class. It offers 2 coloured screens – infotainment and the other for the driver’s information. Its infotainment screen comes with a standard voice recognition software and navigation. The layout of the driving position is remarkable with a taste for quality and richness in its inner materials. There is absolutely nothing like big blank when it comes to button placement.

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SE trim offers some commendable safety assistance systems to keep you safe on the road. This model is a pure form representation of the A-Class with nothing to conceal.

How much is the Mercedes-Benz A180 2019?

For so many reasons, we recommend this model to every buyer out there. Although you might want to go for the higher model in the line-up but considering what it offers and the price range, you wouldn’t but think twice before leaving this model. The fact that it comes with an effective manual gearbox, which is well connected to the A180 engine spec, is enough to convince you to go for it.

The suggested starting price of this 2019 Mercedes-Benz A180 is only N10.3 million. Of course this doesn't include the importation tax, clearing cost or delivery fees but compared to other models, this A180 is much more affordable.

You can see below some brief specifications of the model besides its price tag.


2019 Mercedes-Benz A180 is one of the Mercedes-Benz products you give a hard nod of approval in terms of performance and design. If your budget falls within the range of N20 million, you should probably give it a shot for a car change.

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