Terrific Two! Mercedes-AMG A45 S & CLA 45 S super teaser herald July 4 arrival!


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After much anticipation the latest models of Mercedes Benz production car staples the Mercedes-AMG A45 S & CLA 45 S are to launch today July 4th. See the heads up.

Okay, today July 4th will witness another celebration of the United States independence, but that’s not all happening today! The Mercedes Benz models - Mercedes AMG A45 and the Mercedes CLA 45 S will be fully revealed to their adoring international fan base today. The venue of course is the Festival of Speed at Godwood .

These fantastic production cars already have much going for them, following literally nerve wracking months of titillation by the German luxury car brand. The buyers are panting for it, and it would appear they do have something to look forward to.  With standard 4-cylinder power engines, outputting 416 horses , these likable pseudo-twins could easily take the title of the most robust performance-enabled production cars in Benz’s history or any other history for that matter.


Mercedes-AMG A45 S could well be the most powerful regular hatchback out there

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Mercedes Benz advance publicity stills include gray bodies, brake calipers in glossy red, and what Benz calls “look at me” wings way up on the car roof, but only for the Mercedes-AMG A45 S hatchback. The Mercedes-CLA 45 S however possesses a trunk lid spoiler, and an aggressive grille described as somewhat “All America” or “Panaemerican” if you prefer.

The grille does double duty for the A45 S also, and both carry vertically inclined slats in front. The exhausts behind are quad and delicious. Of course al Mercedes enthusiasts know these are Front Wheel Drive ladies, but this does not need to count as a minus given the 4Matic plus identifiers on both fenders. Using a drift mode allows sideways maneuvers on the 4matic system.


Mercedes-CLA 45 S is a sport sedan packing quite a punch at 416 horsepower 

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In addition to 416hp, they pack 369 lb-ft of torque surely leading to some very happy fantasies by would be buyers. These sports versions of course herald the arrival in the near future of other sisters without the “S” suffix. Either way, this 4th of July will definitely crackle!

Sneak Peak at the brand new Mercedes-AMG A45 S!

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