Expect the Mercedes A250e PHEV hatchback to be back in September 2019!


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What are the facts about the upcoming Mercedes A250e Plug-in Hybrid Hatchback that is currently rumoured to launch by September 2019? Check for its clues here!

The Mercedes-AMG A45 and A35 are definitely reaping most of the glory in the segment of small cars on the global automobile market currently. But, reports reaching us recently here at Naijauto have it that this German auto brand is already prepared to add a new variant to its range of hatchback vehicles.

Many reliable sources including Mercedes-Benz insiders have all revealed that a new Mercedes A250e PHEV variant is expected to join the Mercedes A-Class hatchback range of vehicles. The last letter “e” added to the name denotes that it is going to be an electrified car.

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Unlike the 2018 A-Class and most former Mercedes hatchback, the A250e will be “electrified”

If the reports end up being true then, a Plug-in Hybrid model of the A-Class should be expected and it will surely possess the A250 trim’s performance.

Still going by this “rumour” reports, the coming Mercedes A250e PHEV is expected to be powered by similar 1.3L gasoline turbo engine as the A200 that produces 161hp (120kW) and 184 lb-ft (250Nm) torque. Nonetheless, an electric motor that is gearbox-mounted will also be supporting the setup with an additional 101 hp (75.3kW) and a 221 pound-feet (300Nm) of torque. In order to withstand this torque output that is very high, it is speculated that the vehicle’s transmission will be facilitated by an 8-speed setup which is similar to that found in the GLB-Class SUV.

It is also said that a 15kWh Li-ion battery will be added under the car’s rear seats to power its electric motors and in pure electric power, the A250e is assumed will reach a 37mph (WLTP combined cycle measurement). Some other reputable sources also speculated that the A250e should reach 87mph (140kph) top speed.

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Just as the presentation of the 2018 Mercedes A-Class variant was memorable, the coming A250e should be better

Above all, further specific details of this anticipated Mercedes A250e is expected to be known as the vehicle’s reveal which sources claim should be at the September 2019 Frankfurt Motor show.

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