McLaren Concept E-Zero: is it everything we dreamed of?


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We have been waiting earnestly for this and it looks like McLaren Concept E-Zero is about to come true and set to be the first McLaren manufactured electric car for the road. Read on!

For now, we are not expecting to see a dramatic departure from McLaren, such as going into the production of high-performing SUVs. Yet, something big verging on electric-powered supercars is certainly on the way for McLaren. We believe when it finally debuts, it will definitely give other EVs a run for their green money.

It has been reported that McLaren is working on a fully electrified model for quite a while now but we are yet to know how it would be. All thanks to Daniel Platek, the designer who gave an insight into the form this all-electric supercar would take.

Dubbed as McLaren Concept E-Zero, the concept will take inspiration from the M6GT, manufactured by the British automaker in 1969.


The futuristic all-electric car, Concept E-Zero, would be inspired by 1969 M6GT

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Until the death of Bruce McLaren on June 2, 1970, it was based on M6B racecar’s chassis and meant to emerge as the first road car manufactured by the company, the vision which couldn’t come into realization.


From the Concept E-Zero's front, it shows radically, stylishly designed horizontal headlights just like 720S

One striking resemblance between M6GT and Concept E-Zero is the provision of open air feeling via the large glass canopy. The concept takes few design traits proprietary to present models produced by the automaker, looking at it from the rear. This includes flowing rear diffuser and LED taillights.

1969 McLaren M6GT - The Ultimate McLaren Road Car Taken to the Track

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At the front, you are bound to notice a very resilient angle of the concept. Its LED horizontal headlights simply incorporated into the faux air intake which looks like the same evolutionary design common seen on the 720S. It has a very short hood, which allows stretch of the windshield way over the wheels at the fronts.

As imagined by the designer, Platek, this concept is expected to be powered by atleast 4 electric motors and a mounted large battery at the floor. Without any doubt, this car oozes excellence, and we can't wait to see what it will look like when unveiled.

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