McLaren unveils the McLaren 720S Spyder: Only ₦115 million!!!


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McLaren has unveiled its Spyder Version of 720s. Though it shares some similarities, this model has been greatly improved. Check out its outstanding features and pricing here!

British automaker McLaren isn’t relenting on its mission to give car users value for their money. The company which specializes in producing sports cars, takes pride in its in-house mode of production.

Shortly after giving its ultimate series a new outlook with the Senna which is said to be track-focused and the three-seater Speed trail, the company is focusing on upgrading the “lower-tier” model with the introduction of the 720S Spider.


From the many plethora of drag races that have been showcased, it’s obvious that the coupe undoubtedly has an incredible performance. In addition to that, the drop top model is very identical with its 2.9 seconds of sprint to 62 mph (100 kph).


The 720s Spyder promises to defeat Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

In a bid to enhance the vehicle’s performance, McLaren came up with a solution to reduce the weight related penalty as a result of the complex roof, bringing it down to 49 kilograms. As a result of this, weight of the 720S Spider is merely 1,332 kg. This change automatically makes it lighter than its nearest competitor by 88 kg.

In reference to its 124 mph (200 kph) sprint, the 720S Spider is somewhat slower when compared to its coupe counterpart. It requires 7.9 seconds to meet up. With a well-placed roof, it maxes out at a coupe-matching 212 mph. When folded down, the velocity is lowered to an impressive figure of 202 mph. This is close to the performance of its Italian rival.

Perhaps you are wondering how the automaker has been able to keep its weight under control, it’s as a result of creating a new electrical hardtop that’s retractable. The carbod fiber roof panel uses just 11 seconds for lowering or raising. Hence, its faster in speed than the Spider by six seconds.


McLaren 720S can rev up to 100 kph in less than 3 seconds


McLaren also reveals that the hardtop is very quiet in operations. It’s compared to the background noise of a library. Taking the roof up makes the cabin to become very quiet, even more than the interiors of the Spider. The company has made several improvements in all areas of the vehicle. This was made possible by the vehicle’s RHT that has been patented.

The issue of visibility has also been taken care of with the flying buttresses that are glazed. This also improves visibility in over-the-shoulder area by 12% in comparison to the former Super Series Spider brand.


Just close your eyes and imagine how it feels inside this masterpiece!

If you are willing to spend more money on it, the Spider can be worked on to have a glazing RHT. This will include the frame of a carbon fiber. Adding such a feature will create room for illumination, as light can find its way through its roof when lifted up.

With the presence of an electrochromic glass, switching up between transparent or tinted frames won’t be a problem. This can be done at the snap of a finger by pressing a button.

There’s a lot of inspiration from the 4.0-liter V8 engine twin turbo. A torque of 568 pound-feet and 710 horsepower are transferred to its wheels of 20 inches, moving pass seven-speed SSG.

Orders are already coming through for the 720S Spider, and McLaren is having a filled day accepting them. The company has pegged the price at $315,000 (~N115 million). They are scheduled to begin delivery of the car to customers who have placed orders in March 2019.


McLaren was founded by Bruce McLaren. Born in 1937, he got to learn about engineering and cars at a service station which belonged to his parents in New Zealand. He found his way to the United Kingdom in 1958 with a scheme known as “Driver to Europe” aimed at helping New Zealand an Australian racers to compete favorably in Europe.


Bruce McLaren, founder of the company, is a famous New Zealand racer

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